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    Bootloader for legacy BIOS

    I tried Clover with all sorts of settings and with yours specifically, it leads to the blue/grey screen. Do you happen to know why that happens or what exactly it is and where it comes from?
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    Bootloader for legacy BIOS

    TLDR: I'm trying to boot MacOS on a Chromebook without UEFI. I'm stuck at getting the bootloader (Chameleon/Clover) to work. My setup / context: I have an Acer Chromebook Spin 13. Available ports: 2 x USB-C 1 x USB-A 3.0 MicroSD Slot No USB A 2.0 (I've read that Clover has problems with USB 3.0) Firmware: There's no UEFI firmware available and by default, it doesn't even allow booting anything other than ChromeOS. Thanks to MrChromebox (big shoutouts!), I flashed a custom legacy bios that allows me to boot anything linux related. This bios is flashed into the RW_LEGACY section of the existing bootloader (coreboot afaik) and doesn't have any configuration options. If I have to change a setting, I could try compiling his bios payload myself with the specific setting enabled. What I've tried so far: Chameleon attempts: Only selected setting was "Install chameleon on the chosen path", rest was unselected. 1 - Install chameleon first without restoring the basesystem: Output: > boot0: GPT > boot0: done (hangs; pressing power button once shuts down Chameleon installation log is attached as "Chameleon_Installer_Log_BEFORE". 2 - Install Chameleon after restoring the base system: Output: > boot0: GPT > boot0: GPT > boot0: doneboot1: /boot <- Exactly like that, no line break in between (hangs; pressing power button once shuts down) I haven't been able to reproduce #2 after wiping the drive and doing the same thing again. Subsequent attempts have resulted in either #1 of either Chameleon or Clover. Chameleon installation log is attached as "Chameleon_Installer_Log_AFTER". Clover attempts: I tried multiple settings and configurations, but all of them boiled down to either one of these. 1 - Doesn't do anything, just hangs at "Booting from usb..." 2 - Boots into the blue/grey mode as shown in the attached images. According to MrChromebox, this could be an old Tianocore DUET It doesn't detect anything (cpu frequency, ram, partitions or disks) I've read pretty much every article, github readme and other types of documentation for coreboot, tianocore, clover, chameleon and MrChromebox' rw_legacy payloads and right now, I'm totally clueless as to what to try next... A few questions that came up: Why does chameleon hang? What is it looking for, /boot was clearly written to the disk by the Chameleon installer? What exactly is the blue/grey image? According to MrChromebox, it could be Tianocore DUET Where does it come from? Clover? The mainboard itself? Why does the blue/grey thing not detect my processor frequency or any partitions/drives? Can I use some sort of DUET bootloader to chainload Clover? If you guys could answer any of them or if you have any other guesses or information as to what's happening, I'd be really happy! Chameleon_Installer_Log_BEFORE.txt Chameleon_Installer_Log_AFTER.txt