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    Mojave laptop can't sleep / wifi issue

    Thank you very much for trying to solve my problem. But, unfortunately, It doesn't work. I've already done these commands before, and did again, but, the problem keeps. I changed the kexts and the config.plist, but, after that, the mac stucked at boot screen, and then, I restarted with -v flag and get that (sorry by the image quality ): After that, I booted with -x flag and older config.plist, and restored the old kexts, and kept only the ney config.plist. I rebooted and got that: VID_20190410_171111.mp4 After that, the system rebooted, on the 3 times I've tried. Now, I'm using the same files I used before. About the distro, yes, I'm using the HackintoshZone one. I've used the Sierra vanilla, who were working fine, and tried to update, but the mojave's installer didn't even booted, so, I've gone with this one. About the wifi board, I'll see what I can do... And, about everything, again, thank you! But... Hope that I get my problem solved
  2. vhviveiros

    Mojave laptop can't sleep / wifi issue

    Hello guys! I'm using a Samsung ativ book 2 np270e5g-xd1br, with i5-3230m/HM75, and everything is working fine, except by sleeping and wifi connection (the Hackintosh internet speed is about 10% of the windows/Linux, and sometimes It downs randomly). I've tried a lot of tutorials but nothing solved my problem. Hope you guys could help me obs: I also figured that if I left the laptop for some minutes, It sometimes reboot. Send me MacBook-Pro.zip