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  1. heyarchit098

    BitTorent alternative

    UTorrent is a great alternative to bitTorrent. You can use it to download Torrent files in a few click.
  2. heyarchit098

    Best gaming Mouse/Controler?

    You should get a good game mouse from Razer because Razer mice are good for both gaming and productivity purposes.
  3. heyarchit098

    External thunderbolt case for SSD.

    Try to get an adaptor from a good brand and use that to connect your external hard drive.
  4. heyarchit098

    Your favorite iPhone/iPad app

    Lumfusion is my favourite application on iOS platform because it lets you edit your video footage professionally without much hassle.
  5. heyarchit098

    Help needed for Hackintosh

    You can try installing the complete MacOS again on your Hackintosh build to make it work again.
  6. Building a Hackintosh under 200 bucks is a bit hard. I would recommend you to upgrade your budget and get at least an i5 4th gen and RX 570 along with 8 GB of Ram.
  7. You can make the volume buttons of you iPhone work as the home button but this requires Jailbreak. If you have jailbroken iOS device then simply install the activator app to make your volume buttons work as lock button.
  8. heyarchit098

    iOS 4 Battery Problems

    In order to get rid off this issue, you can enable the battery saver on your iPhone 4. You can do this by going in to the settings menu of your iPhone 4.
  9. heyarchit098

    iphone 4 wifi problem

    Resetting the network settings might solve this problem but if it does not works even after resetting network settings then there might be something wrong with your wifi antenna. You will have to get it repaired from the apple service centre.
  10. heyarchit098

    What is the best Web Browser for you, and why?

    Chrome has always been my preferred choice for browsing web pages but When I am using any iOS device then I use Safari as it is more optimised for iOS devices.
  11. heyarchit098

    .mkv on Apple TV?

    It is not possible for Apple TV to play .mkv video files.Though there is one thing that you can do to make it play those files. Simply convert them to .mp4 format using any video format converter.