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  1. [Solved] KP on 10.8.2

    Same happening with chrome, but i figure it out, it was the AppleACPIPlatform.kext that was making the trouble. Thanx on the help man, i appreciate it. Keep it rocking
  2. [Solved] KP on 10.8.2

    Nop, not working any other solution?
  3. Hello everyone. I get random kernel panics on ml 10.8.2 booted with -v flag and i get this screen(attached file). Sys spec MB gb ep 43 ud3l cartri custom bios GF 8600gt 256mb CPU C2D 6550 clocked to 2.8 ghz Can some one help? Thnx :wink2:
  4. mini freeze ups after installing lion

    Yeah had a simular issuse, but with 10.7.1 it work flawlessly for now
  5. 10.7.2

    Will wait till is released, this is way too buggy i think.
  6. Is it worth moving to Lion GM now?

    I just installed a couple days ago, no sings of instability or any other slowdown so give it a shot if u think. But the final version is just around the corner.
  7. Updating Lion DP4 -

    Hell knows when its out give it a shoot.
  8. Nice tutorilal got my Lion runing, everythig works. Sound: Audigy 2 platinum Graphic: 8600gt 256mb gainward MB: Ga ep-43 ud3l It is stable, but some apps dont open or close, not even force close, must logg off Thnx again best tutorial ever.
  9. doh solove it,my crapy pionner d216 sata dvd wot do the achi boot.
  10. Lion

    The cat is in the wild,for all u hackingtosh user, its just meter of time when we going to catch it.Hope it will be soon.
  11. Hi I have a problem,a big one.I screwdup my osx sl install,and cant do the install proces because I cant boot cd drive in achi mode.I am runing custom cartris bios v8 on the ga ep 43 ud3l,but its the same thing with the giyabyte bios.So im left with a win 7 and a 8gb usb stick with osx 10.3 retai on it, formated on SL.The stick doesnt boot, it gets stuck at the grey screen with a spinning ball on it. Thanx in advance.
  12. fakesmc 3.6?

    http://cartri.net/blog/ the link for the mooded bios
  13. fakesmc 3.6?

    No need for fakesmc, i think that the last version is 2.5 and Iam sure that with that mobo you good to goo.There is even a modified bios for it,that makes things even more simple.
  14. Pioneer DVR-216D AHCI

    I have the same pioneer drive with the same problem(ga ep 35 ds3)
  15. Nice one,this is a small step for the human but great step for human kind