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    Hello All!Getting into OC and feeling a little intimidated. I've always struggled with modifying DSDT or SSDT protocol. Everywhere I look I still am having a hard time figuring out "what is what" in my ACPI tables. I'm using a different motherboard than a lot of the motherboards here (ASrock X299 OC Formula).I saw that KGP had a basic guide on How to create or modify a simple System SSDT.aml by means of DSDT and IOREG ACPI information. However, his website is down (permanently it looks like). I was able to find a version of it using web archives and thought I'd post it here. It was helpful for me to understand it a little better.So here is my setupI am a motion graphics artist and use the GPUs for 3D rendering. MacOS>Windows hahaClover BootloaderHigh Sierra 17G10021 Newest as of 1/10/20ASrock X299 OC FormulaIntel 9900X64GB Corsair RGB Vengence ProGTX 1080ti in PCIe SLOT-1GTX 1080ti in PCIe SLOT-3GTX 1080ti in PCIe SLOT-5Fenvi T919 in PCIe SLOT-7 Samsung EVO 970 500GB NVME in SLOT M2_1MACIASL is only showing 5 PCIe slots I think (screenshot attached)CPUs are mapped weird it think (screenshot attached)2 of the GRFX cards are thinking they are connected to the same PCIe slot maybe (screenshot attached)I'm looking for help in the right direction. I know I can do the work, it just hasn't clicked in my head yet. If anyone is wanting to take a crack at it, I can provide a RAW DSDT.aml or anything else you might need. Thank you and I love this community.Also, I have a CUDA issue that causes random reboots on my machine. Only CUDA, the web drivers are fine. The only way to stop it temporarily is to unload CUDA (per a script) when working day to day and then loading CUDA when I need to use it. Once it's loaded, my computer is unstable and will crash sometimes. Hoping OpenCore might help with everything in order. How to create or modify a simple System SSDT.aml by means of DSDT and IOREG ACPI information – KGP's Hackintosh Corner.zip