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  1. iAlertU

    this made me laugh, but it might be useful to someone else. the app named iAlertU acts as an alarm for your macbook which is activated via remote control (ala car alarm complete with chirp!). see it in action:
  2. Backing Up Safari Bookmarks / Favorites

    the Bookmarks.plist can be found in /Users/YourUserName/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist
  3. the belkin f5d7050 v4 now works with the zydas newly released driver. http://www.zydas.com.tw/downloads/download-1211.asp follow these instructions posted by tek_no http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?s=...ndpost&p=121965
  4. zydas has released a UB driver located at http://www.zydas.com.tw/downloads/download-1211.asp has been confirmed to work with a Belkin F5D5070 V4 http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?s=...ndpost&p=121965 good stuff!
  5. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    doh! brain fart there on my part. i guess i expected the driver to just work. thanks tek_no for the reminder! i'll give it another whirl. edit: confirmed to work with my Belkin F5D7050 V4 connected to my osx86 box.
  6. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    i have an belkin f5d5070 v4 which is supposedly based on the zydas 1211 chipset. i installed the new driver v4.5 on my osx86 box posted on may 30, 2006 on the zydas website and had no luck. will try it on my macbook and see if it works edit: didn't work on my macbook either.
  7. Callisto Technical Discussion

    just tried it as well, b006 does not work with x300 (5460). nightmare66, check your IM. anyone else with an x300 (5460, inside an inspiron 6000 to be exact) have any luck?
  8. Dell Inspiron 6000 macosx?

    i've only installed build 003 and not the newest build 006 that allows you to enter your display information. i didn't do anything special other than install callisto that has my dev id in it (5460) and added CallistoFB within the ATIRadeon9700GA.kext. basically followed omni's instructions on his website (without the display information) for build 003. good luck.
  9. Dell Inspiron 6000 macosx?

    i have 10.4.6 (JaS) installed on my Inspiron 6000: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino, ATI x300 128MB... - 1280 x 800 resolution with omni's alpha3 driver - link | discussion - QE & CI Enabled with Koverg's Patch - link - Mouse tearing alleviated with a Free program called Mouse Locator link - Power Management - link - Unofficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread - link good luck!
  10. i too have a belkin f5d7050 v4 and still looking for a solution to get it working with 10.4.6. anyone? )
  11. Trendnet USB Wifi Driver?

    the 424UB v2 is actually based off of the SiS163u chipset. doing more research.
  12. check out what this person wrote: http://www.netstumbler.org/showthread.php?t=18159
  13. no doubt. as it stands, there's no better hardware for OS X (oh ess ten) than an actual mac in regards to the whole user experience. however, osx86 allows others to get to know OS X all though it deprives them of the whole mac experience. at least they get to see what the OS hub-bub is all about. i myself am a long time mac user, since 1992 with system 7.2 and currently have a macbook pro. with that said, i still wanted to see and witness first hand the merge of two long time separate entities -- the pc hardware and mac os. even though the marriage is flawed, it's still great to be able to say, "i run macosX on my pc" then again, others have different reasons for doing this, the above mentioned is mine and i am happy about the whole thing.
  14. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    Trodden, you might find answers here: X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally works, QE, CI, OpenGL support
  15. anyone else try the PowerManagement.bundle to manage energy? i no longer have access to my HP since passing it on to my wife, so i can't try this myself. i'll add this to the links on the first page along with related links.