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  1. I don't know - it seems overkill to me. I have a GT 1030 and 4 gigs of ram and i'm honestly ok if it takes time to export videos because that's what I do at the end. I can just go do something else knowing that I finished my video. And other than that I think that adobe cs4 runs well. Btw, since you didn't specify a model, does it mean that any 4th generation i5 processor is compatible with mac os X? Though, no trace of them on amazon =/. The only problem for me is not knowing which components are compatible (and are still sold in online stores) because otherwise i'd choose the components myself.
  2. If it is not possible because mac OSes can only run on high-end components, PLEASE tell me so i can change plans if I need to. I want to point out that my definition of "video editing rig" could be different from yours because I've been using a 300 euros pc for video editing for years and I've never had any problems with it.
  3. Hi. I've had a look at the osx8 website, but it seems like all the configurations make use of old components that they don't sell anymore. Can you suggest me a setup with only new components under 200 bucks for video editing? I have to build a mac for a friend of mine but he doesn't trust pre-owned. I'd like to put Mac os X el capitan on it since it's the OS I have on my parents' mac.