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  1. I know that I would personally paypal 20 dollars to someone who created a driver that successfully worked for my laptop. I know that I would personally paypal 20 dollars to someone who created a driver that successfully worked for my laptop.
  2. Great job! It works flawlessly with my Compaq V2000. My parents just bought a mac, and they're taking classes at the apple store on the weekends. My dad told the guy about me being able to run osx on my intel laptop without any hitches. The appleman, of course, denied that it was possible. Looks like im going in with my dad on the next day I have off to do a little showing off.
  3. Wow. Thanks! I didnt think this was possible yet. I'll try it in a few minutes and let you know how it went. Now all we need is full res
  4. Finally Wireless networking!

    Well, after finding out that nothing WORKED at all. I gave up and did a fresh install of 10.4.5. I thought, what the hell...I'll try one more time. I edited io80211family.kext with my wifi card's info rebooted Apple gave me an error saying "io80211family.kext failed to load...blah blah blah". I almost punched the screen. Well, it wasnt THAT bad but I was pissed. Until I... I opened disk utility. Repaired permissions and then verified them. Rebooted and it RECOGNIZED THE CARD!!!!!!!!!!! So for everyone who is having trouble with their broadcom card, try repairing permissions and then verifying them. I didnt even have to touch my networks.plist file or whatever it's called.
  5. Sucesses with JaS 10.4.6...

    I updated to 10.4.6 and it went fine, but now when I boot the osx partition, it loads windows. Wtf. Im guessing that blessing the partition would fix this...could someone tell me how I would go about doing that?
  6. Im running 10.4.5 on a v2000 compaq. Its ironic that your sound doesnt work, but mine did right away, but im the one without wifi I seriously think I've tried everything to get my 4320 broadcom wifi to work.
  7. I'm on 10.5 and I can get the icon for wifi in the upper left corner to appear...but the airport option is greyed out. Ugh. I've tried EVERYTHING too.
  8. Finally Wireless networking!

    My osx now recognizes my card, and has the icon. But the airport option is greyed out...and I've been changing those damn .kext files AND deleting the cached files too. Any idea on what could be doign this?
  9. Is your wifi working by any chance? I tried editing the kext's....but nothing has really worked for me yet. Once I get internet access for that baby, it'll be a fully usable os in my opinion. Any help is realllllly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  10. I'd make a 10 gig partition...but it would only show up as 10mb. Right when I was about to give up, I tried installing it on my compaq v2000 laptop. and it worked PERFECTLY. Only aspect of osx that doesnt work is the airport driver...which I've been trying to fix. Thanks for the great guide
  11. I hate to come off as persistant...but I dont have a clue as to what could be cause the problem. I followed all of your steps exactly...yet the disk utility doesnt show the partition I created :-/ Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks for the help guys.
  12. dilnalomo, great guide...I only have one little hang up. I created a partition, though when I am in the disk utility for osx86....it doesnt show the created partition. Only the windows nt formatted partition. Any ideas?