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  1. Okay, I figured this out. Updating VMWare will replace files supplied by unlocker. The correct approach to upgrades: - shut all VMs down and exit VM whatever - uninstall unlocker - upgrade VM whatever to where you want to go. - go get the latest unlocker and follow the instructions. hint: readme.txt is named that way, because you need to read it - off you go. I was not aware that unlocker actually modified files in VMWare, so when I upgraded, it all came off the rails. I hope this helps someone.
  2. Well, I'll respond to my own post - it's back. Recommendations if you plan to upgrade VMWare: Uninstall unlocker - whatever you installed. Allow VMWare to update. Re-install latest unlocker. The doc is correct, if you don't uninstall unlocker, VMWare is going to be left in a hosed condition. Interestingly, I received some gripes about some kernel add-ins being blocked. One last thought - don't ask for help on VMWare.... whooo boy did I get shredded. Since I have a mini-mac on my desktop, I thought I was reasonably righteous in terms of the VM. Nope.
  3. I need some advice to repair my VMware situation. Late in 2018 I started playing around with the Mac OS, mainly just to see what it is like.... I've got 1/2 dozen VMs on my laptop - Xp, 7, 10, Linux and Mac OS. Now I admit that back in 2018 I didn't read much about the unlocker tool. I was following a bulleted list, and it just worked. Fast forward to a month ago, and I made the mistake of upgrading my licensed VMware Workstation 14.5 to 14.6. This promptly nuked my Mac OS VM; all of the others boot normally. The Mac just cycles through boot attempts. In a brilliant brain cramp, I figured that I just needed to go get the latest unlocker. So I did, ran it, still no joy. Following a recovery document, I configured my machine to boot a recovery ISO. At this point, I'm figuring that something got hosed in the Mac OS image. This won't even boot. Okay, obviously something is wrong with VMWare. At this point, I've made so many changes I've made a mess. So, I finally read the readme.txt (yes, poking fun at myself) and come across: "Always uninstall the previous version of the Unlocker before using a new version. Failure to do this could render VMware unusable. " Well bless my soul, I'll bet my Mac OS is fine, and I just f'd up VMware. I'm almost certain of it. So, any suggested recovery options? It seems to me that I've got a mismash of the VMWare installation, and I need to: Uninstall unlocker. Uninstall VMWare Workstation. Re-install VMWare Workstation. Using the latest unlocker, install the Mac OS support. Anybody with experience in this conundrum, I'm all ears. Note to future readers - don't upgrade VMWare Workstation if it isn't broke
  4. Bear with me please, the vmware site is almost hopeless, so I ran across insanelymac.. So, I have a fairly high end laptop that has enabled me to push much of my development environment into virtual machines. One of these VMs was a macOS High Sierra install. As a developer, I always have an interest in learning new things, and some of my co-workers are Apple advocates. Plus, there was some s/w I wanted to try that would only work on the mac. Using unlocker, etc, I was easily able to create a Mac workstation (what the hell do you call this - mac, macos, apple, mac VM? lol, I don't have the lingo down right....). I've been using it for the last 4 months. Then came the VM Workstation 14.1.6 update. It kept nagging at me, so I finally allowed it to install. Brain fart on my part, I should have backed up all of my virtual machines. All the Windows VMs came through fine, but the Mac is stuck in a perpetual re-boot cycle. I'm sure this is a vmware issue, but I was hoping maybe a reader has seen this before and has some ideas. I've gone through the vmware logs until my eyes bleed - lots of interesting but useless information... regards, cg