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    Missing posts?

    Thank you sir - I'll keep asking the search engine nicely. And yes, those are the one's I'm looking for!
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    Missing posts?

    So I tend to be a lurker here, using my Mac mini from time to time, popping in to research things. I participated in some discussions within the last 18 months, and from my profile it indicates I have had a number of posts. However, they seem to be just gone. I can search the entire site for my username, and nothing comes back. Did something get re-done in the forums?
  3. Okay, I figured this out. Updating VMWare will replace files supplied by unlocker. The correct approach to upgrades: - shut all VMs down and exit VM whatever - uninstall unlocker - upgrade VM whatever to where you want to go. - go get the latest unlocker and follow the instructions. hint: readme.txt is named that way, because you need to read it - off you go. I was not aware that unlocker actually modified files in VMWare, so when I upgraded, it all came off the rails. I hope this helps someone.
  4. Bear with me please, the vmware site is almost hopeless, so I ran across insanelymac.. So, I have a fairly high end laptop that has enabled me to push much of my development environment into virtual machines. One of these VMs was a macOS High Sierra install. As a developer, I always have an interest in learning new things, and some of my co-workers are Apple advocates. Plus, there was some s/w I wanted to try that would only work on the mac. Using unlocker, etc, I was easily able to create a Mac workstation (what the hell do you call this - mac, macos, apple, mac VM? lol, I don't have the lingo down right....). I've been using it for the last 4 months. Then came the VM Workstation 14.1.6 update. It kept nagging at me, so I finally allowed it to install. Brain fart on my part, I should have backed up all of my virtual machines. All the Windows VMs came through fine, but the Mac is stuck in a perpetual re-boot cycle. I'm sure this is a vmware issue, but I was hoping maybe a reader has seen this before and has some ideas. I've gone through the vmware logs until my eyes bleed - lots of interesting but useless information... regards, cg