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  1. Hi all can some one explane this regards
  2. mac2pc

    Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    hi all some modified kext can corrupt the eeprom of the nic adapter and be come unusable (mac adress changed to FFFFFFFFFFFFF) and the adapter is not detected at all in that case use eeupdate under dos to fix mac adress i hope this help
  3. mac2pc

    dell vostro a180

    hi all the dell a180 vostro with n9500gt fully working with iAtkos V7
  4. modded asrok G31M-S boot but not workinng
  5. please mod this biso for asrock G31m-s http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.fr.asp?M...T=B&ID=2242 the rapidshare link for asrock g31m-s is out please fix it in this forum or other permanat sharing server
  6. please mod this bios for asrock G31M-S http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.fr.asp?M...T=B&ID=2242 thanks
  7. hi all what happen with new bios ?????????????? is there any colaboration between apple and MB manufacture or bios coder to ban osx install ?????? any explanation please
  8. hi ALL plaese this is bios for asrock G31M-S wont boot osx with or without cpus=1 http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.asp?Mode...T=B&ID=2103
  9. hi macnut plaese this is bios for asrock G31M-S wont boot osx with or without cpus=1 http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.asp?Mode...T=B&ID=2103
  10. mac2pc

    bios problem

    Hi all i have found that last new pc from big company have simple bios setting that do not let u modify vital setting to install osx this due to that the new pc advance the real mac hardware (new chips new cpu ......) so in future we will be conflicted with this problem frequently i think that apple hardware freezed in some stade of revoltion so exemple the HP pavilion A6661 is not good for OSX due the bios the HAL is good but bios no (Q9300 ,G33,600GB hdd,ati vga,...) only the 10.5.1 dvd boot with cpus =1 and after install the boot hang so be careful with new machine from big company the only valid HP is the model DX7400 or similar
  11. mac2pc

    Asrock Conroe-1333 D667

    when i change Vendor Id: 0x10ec0888 with 0x18490888 in alc888 txt for patcher 1.20 the app sad that the codec is not supported how the patcher work ???????
  12. mac2pc

    Asrock Conroe-1333 D667

    with some combination of kext i have now the sound volume control but steel problem with input
  13. mac2pc

    Asrock Conroe-1333 D667

    hi all this card has only output and work with azalia kext only the taruga solution is valid only for chip with Vendor Id: 0x10ec0888 while asrock use 0x18490888 is there any codec or patch for this alc888 thanks a lot
  14. mac2pc


    hi all is there any way to send a kext KIT that work together for sound system my experince is the 10.5.4 from tukish team have modified azilia kext that alc888 work without applehda kext and when i install taruga kext this create a conflict OK is there any specific azilia kext that work with taruga kext kit ?????
  15. hi all i have alc888 witch work only with appleazilia kext without applehda kext and only out no input i have tested all taruga kext without result the system show me that i have fully working sound but no out , no input when i delete applehda the sound work but no input and skype crash without input or mic if there any help please and if i must use other azilia kext with taruga kext?????? thanks