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    HP G7 Hackintosh possible ? Help me please

    no problem it escaped it escaped me ... thanks for the welcomee.....
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    HP G7 Hackintosh possible ? Help me please

    Merci beaucoup pour cette réponse ça éclaire ma "chandelle" je pensais, à tort, que le B960 était un i3 ... en tout cas c'est ce que j'avais compris lors de l'achat du portable... bref! Je vais tenter la solution pour voir si je me lance et m'orienter vers un autre pc
  3. Hello everyone, New and beginner +++ in the world of Hackintosh (I started to learn computer with a 386SX and his multiple is to tell you if I'm old ....) I struggled for over a week with my HP 7 Pavilion G7 2042sf laptop, I tried all the solutions I found in vain, the installation fails from the beginning and following the applications always the same error (he seems) I tried with the all-in-one vanilla OS X guide (including Chameleon + DSDT) for the novantants Always the same ... I must be silly ...: D if you had any ideas to help me and help the time ...? thank you a picture of the screen ps1: my config HP Pavilion G7 2042sf bios 32F processor: Intel i3 B960 2.20GHz intel64 family 6 model 42 stepping 7 memory: 6GB Graphics: HD Graphics Family resolution: 1366x768 Ps2: it's a sorry Google translation