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  1. good news! may be a idea to get the Quadro NVS 140M to work aswell
  2. nicus

    I think i find the T61 graphics problem

    i would like to help but i think i don't have enough knowledge i have a t61 with the graphic-chip mentioned above. i have no idea where to start building a driver for a graphics card.
  3. nicus

    I think i find the T61 graphics problem

    are there any news? hope someone get this thing to work
  4. nicus

    I think i find the T61 graphics problem

    keep up your work! would be great to have the 140m working!
  5. nicus

    iDeneb on T61

    Ohhh.. found the solution!! now it's booting like a charm http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=137503
  6. nicus

    iDeneb on T61

    Hi, Hope i find some help here.. I've installed the iDeneb 10.5.5 on my T61 Notebook 1. i cannot start in normal mode, system hangs (cannot update platform uuid - error) 2. i can start in safe mode (-x) and was stuck at the welcome screen (loop) found a solution for this /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone passwd root 3. tried to boot again in normal mode. still got the "cannot update platform uuid" -error 4. installed my ethernet driver with kext helper 5. tried to boot again in normal mode and the "cannot update platform uuid" is gone but wont get any further and hangs at: mDNSResponder[20]: couldn't reader user-specified computer name; using default bMacPro...... instead the harddisk is still working for a minute but afther then, its stuck but i think this won't be the problem... any ideas?
  7. nicus

    Help! Nvidia 8400m gt

    hmm should this work with the nvidia 140m quadro aswell? it's the same chip i think: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-Quadro...40M.4216.0.html "Based on the GeForce 8400M G or GS for notebook"
  8. nicus

    NVS 140M Quadro with Full CI/QE support SOLUTION!

    oh, some hope for the 140M i tried it with your options, but i get a black screen at the first start did you edited some of the kext files with your devid?