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  1. Nordel

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    Hi Guys, I can`t find the points in my dsdt which I have to change. My EDID is in, but it doesn't`t want to work
  2. Nordel

    Vaio users black screen after boot

    I hope, someone can help me. I don't know, what I have to do. High Sierra work with the internal Monitor only with the flag nv_disable=1. If I start it without the flag, I can see via VNC viewer, that the GT330m work fine. Can someone help me, that the internal display work? My PC is a Sony Vaio VPCL14J9E (All-in-One) 24`Display: 1920x1080. I upload my DSDT and the EDID (saved via Linux) DUMP-EDID.txt DSDT.aml