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  1. Unfortunately doing the process while connected through Displayport, I get the same result as my previous post.
  2. Hey thanks, for your april EFI update! I just tried it on the fresh High Sierra install. Here it gets stuck at kextdstall[0], (60s): 'IGPU' then repeats 3 times, then en0: startting optimisistic DAD (cont.), followed by another kextd stall, then followed by IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->(0). lin0, llk1, IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0 , now 0, sm 0x0 followed by messages about ACM: verifypolicy ending with repetitition of IOConsoleUsers and last lines are hfs: mounted High Sierra USB Installer on device disk1s3 hfs: unmount initiated on High Sierra USB Installer on device disk1s3 Edit: I just saw I'm connected to VGA and have been since I succesfully installed High Sierra a few hours ago. (last times I was on displayport) No problem, continueing and updating tomorrow, trying all the configs from other users. Making mistakes now.
  3. Hmm. I installed both High Sierra and Mojave and two disks for using with these configs. The installation wasn't done on the Elitedesk 800 G1 USDT i5-4570s but on an T430 i5-3320M. Is that something I did should not have done? I couldn't get the installer to boot on the Elitedesk. I keep thinking the specific GPU model difference sparked my problems..what do you think? Maybe I'm not looking in the right direction.
  4. Yeah..at this point I've tried and made 80 EFI configs, and the Rehabman HD4600 and dozens of other HD4600 and i5-4570s or similar configs I've tried and edited all did not work. Not even getting a boot on either High Sierra or Mojave with 78 of them. Just with the 2 out of the 80 EFI folders I attached I could boot with 7mb graphics. I'm terribly confused from all the framebuffer stuff and exhausted from the whole process. I feel like I've really tried as much as I can within my understanding of it. Do you understand perhaps why your and other configs won't work on mine and get stuck? I've gone over the BIOS and Kext updates as well.
  5. I've done these steps, using your EFI folder provided as the basis. No change unfortunately, not able to succesfully boot. What to try now? The furthest i've gotten with the EFI folders I included in my first post is to boot without accelerated graphics.
  6. Hope you're all having a good weekend macKriz, Donw35 and fellow threaders, I hope to be going onwards with this very soon (aiming for next three days). Thanks again.
  7. Great, will follow this. The previous steps were very clear, thanks for making the package. Kext Utility and Kext Beast are old friends. The vanilla guide didn't mention them, I forgot and did not try them.. Is there a difference in L/E and kext/other? Hackintool is a new one for me. Haven't used it yet. Thanks again, updating in about twelve hours. Hopefully some luck.
  8. Thanks again macKriz. I followed the steps, the boot process got stuck at the attached image. I will look up the errors tomorrow. Any suggestions at this point?
  9. dwfwd

    Intel HD 4600 7MB

    I've got the same problem with an i5-4570S. Will carefully try the suggestions mentioned here, bit by bit hopefully getting full acceleration.
  10. Thank you macKriz. Within twelve hours I'll be home, and able to follow these steps.
  11. Hi guys, thank you, very glad to see this thread is still active. For the last two weeks I've tried over 60 EFI configs by trial and error. At EFI config number 54, I've gotten to boot without accelerated graphics (3 or 7 MB video memory), weirdly somehow working on both displayport>hdmi and VGA. Donw35's config file in the first post did not work for me. Any suggestions? I used the Vanilla Guide from corpnewt for my other EFIs. I have an HP Elitedesk 800 G1 USDT, i5-4570s, 8 GB Ram, using IGPU with displayport. I tried on a High Sierra and Mojave on seperate SSDs, that work 100% on another machine with the config I made for that. Used dosdude1's High Sierra and Mojave Patcher for making the USB installers. See attached the two EFI folders that at least got me to boot I entered Device>Properties>framebuffer entry with either FAKEPCCID or Lilu/Whatever green. Updated to latest BIOS a few days ago. Do you know why I am not able to boot the config file from the first post and what I need to change to get full IGPU graphics? I'm at witts end! When I'm home I can send the error message I get with the config from Donw35. EFI 62 FAKEPC ID framebuffer HD 4600 WORKS copy.zip EFI 54 Whatevergreen framebuffer 4600 WORKS copy.zip