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  1. Thank you for the input, but before I go ahead of testing my card on a PC, i juste realized that when i try to install the latest CUDA 105, it accept the installation process but when i reboot it comes back to the precedent CUDA driver... What does that indicate? Anyone knows? Thx
  2. I understand, but my card is not flashed. I doubt it is broken since it was working fine with the 13.3 it only went bad with the update to higher update. Thx anyway.
  3. I have a trix gtx 970 (pc model) in my Mac Pro early 2009, modified as a 5.1. With the second 10.13.6 and with all the recent security update I just installed the 124 and it still does work. As I said earlier, it worked fine till 10.13.3. Is this the end of Nvidia support for my situation? Is there some easier way to make it work than to go back to reinstalling 10.13.3? Any help will be appreciated. Thx!
  4. Hello, it used to be like your description: IF it is happening during Bootup, AND your Video Card IS NOT Mac Flashed - this is NORMAL BEHAVIOR! You will ONLY get video upon reaching your Login, (IF you have a Password assigned to your User Account), OR - upon directly reaching the Desktop. I was accustomed to that behaviour but now both my monitors stay black. My card is not flashed, but as i said it was working pretty much flawlessly up to 13.3, th 13.6 is bad, for me anyways. Thx
  5. Thanks but there seem to be some programming to do with the terminal. Did you have to do any of it?
  6. Hello, Having a early 2009 Mac Pro (modified to a 5.1) with gtx-970, i updated from 13.3 (it was doing fine then) to 13.6 high sierra and updated the nvidia web driver to 387. and the screen does stay black. It seems to toggle back to the OS X graphic card driver sometimes. Is there a a solution to this or should i simply wait for the next driver from nvidia? Help would be strongly appreciated!