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  1. Hello, I downloaded the Mac Pro 2006 - 2007 Firmware Tool and am getting an error code 5355 or something of the sort. So I manually downloaded: MacProFirmwareUpdate1.2.dmg and moved the files to the Utilities Dir. If I open the Firmware Tool it creates the RamDisk I need but fails. So I open the ExtractAndPatchEFIFiles.sh after modifying it a little to point at the right files I have to manually apply the patches via terminal After that I run UpgradeEFI2006-2007.sh and it looks good no errors. So I hold down the power button, It boots to EfiUpdate screen for a second. Then boots to OS and doesn't update. I have Mac Pro 1,1 Boot Rom Version: MP11,005C,B08 SMC Version 1.15f3 Any assistance would be great. Thank you, Nate
  2. Hello, I don't have access to another Mac, so I downloaded the following files: InstallESDDmg.pkg InstallAssistantAuto.dmg RecoveryHDMetaDmg.pkg Build is 10.14.3 These were direct downloads from Apple Servers. If I extract them all I can build a Install macOS Mojave.app from them. I have tried various things in order to get the Mojave Patcher to accept the .app but I cannot get it to boot. The USB key it creates doesn't look proper as some of the files end up on the root of the disk, such as Base. and when it's finished flashing it changes the usb key's name to OS X Base. Could someone be of assistance and provide me with a tree print out of the file structure for Install macOS Mojave.app please? Thank you, Nate