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  1. I'm going to upgrade my memory. I wanted to ask if there is any benefit by buying ram that is a little more expensive ,same specs, from corsair, kingston, mushkin etc... or buying a bit cheaper ram from Crucial. Is there any difference in performance or is the minor price differences purely brand based? Thanks MBP 15' core duo.
  2. I'm not sure how to flush the system caches. Is there a good third party app. that you could recommend, or are you capable of doing it with what's available in the OS?
  3. I guess the re-application worked after all. It wasn't working immediately after the target install, but after about 20 mins of the comp. being shut down mounting and installing .pkg files works fine now.
  4. Well, I installed the 10.5.3 combo update to fix this problem using target disk mode. Resulte: the same errors and crashes. I don't know. I think I idid the install properly. It was my first time and after restart I really didnt get any indication that the install was successful to the target volume. The steps I took were: -both host and target were on. -connected both via firewire -went to system preferences>startup, enabled target disk mode on target drive. -restarted target computer. -target computer restarted in target disk mode (firewire symbol was big and moving aaround the screen) -Opened up 10.5.3 combo update on host computer and set as the install destination the target drives HD - Installed -message said it was installed succesfully -ejected target drive from host computer -powered down target computer -unplugged firewire cables -booted target computer.... tried to mount .dmg file... "no child process error".. tried to install .pkg... "the application quit unexpectadly" I'm at a loss.
  5. That's what I was planning on doing today. I couldn't do it since I couldn't mount or open the package, so I have the computer at work and am trying to commandeer a firewire cable to do a target install of the update. Hearing that it worked by re-applying the update on your end makes me hopeful that it will work on my end as well.
  6. I updated with the system updater. You think stuff got corrupted during the update?
  7. Suddenly, and probably since the 10.5.3 update, I've been unable to mount any .dmg files, and furthermore, I've been unable to open any .pkg files. Never had issues of this sort before. When I try to mount any file I download it returns a "no child processes" error and when I try to open a .pkg file to install, the installer crashes returning an "installer quit unexpectedly" error. I verified the HD and found some volume count errors. Booting in safe mode I repaired the drive and the drive was verified with no errors in disk utility after restart. I also repaired permissions with no success. The console logs crash reports for each instance in the console for both the mounting issue and the installer issue. I've tried setting up another standard account on the computer to see if it was account specific, but I received the same errors. I'm at a loss as to what to do to remedy this problem. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks system specs: MBP 15' Intel CoreDuo 2.0ghz OSX (10.5.3) 512 MB Ram ( Definetly need to install the max..soon!)