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  1. Hey All; Ive successfully installed and been running 10.6.7 on Workstation 7.1.4 Build 385536, I don't have many issues but a lot of the times when I sync my Ipad to Itunes the USB seems to drop off at random times during the sync. Ive made sure that no other USB device is connected and it still happens. Done all the updates to SL, changed USB speed settings and tried some Vmware stuff I found on their forums. Ive attached the two errors I get which are consistent all the time. Once the Ipad is fully synced there's no problem's normally since they sync is quick enough, It only happens after an IOS update which normally screws up and I have to "restore" the Ipad which triggers a Full sync of 30 GB music, apps and Pics. When it gives me the error's the Ipad doesn't disappear from Itunes and I can click on it again and Sync one more time. Anyone know what else I can try? Thx! Aragones
  2. I removed the extra lines and CPUID Mask, working on the Update thru the download method now, I will also update the Workstation version as well, what's curious is that I also did a Fresh install a little while ago and that one let me do the software update without issue through the apple updater. No crashes as of yet thx! P.S. well bummer it seems the update wont work either way, it finishes but wont fully load after the fact I get the Grey Stop Sign, reverting to a snap works fine, But now im getting the picture attached error The newer VM i just built seems to be operating better, I think I will move all my stuff to this one instead
  3. Hey Guys; So I am having some issues with the CPU error every so often, I am running 10.6.3 Retail on a DELL E6500 with Workstation 7.1.2 build-301548 using the Unlocker. I did add the CPU mask with seems to have cured the error but not all the time, also when trying to do the combo update to 10.6.5 I either get the "power off" your VM black screen message or the update finishes but after 5-10 minutes of boot I get the prohibitive grey stop sign Any Ideas on what to try? ive attached my Log and VMX files thx! Snowy.vmx.txt vmware.log.txt