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    Kernel & System Caches updater

    thx 4 the script! cheerz
  2. wh000penator


    thx 4 sharing but osx 10.8 have nativ ntfs read only access, please correct me if iam wrong cheerz
  3. wh000penator

    SpeedStepper (now supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

    ByeBye NullCPUPowerManagement.kext u are a f***** Genius! <3 thanx alot! cheers
  4. wh000penator

    Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    Hardware acceleration is fully supported. Nvidia GeForce GT 240 (GraphicsEnabler, Trunk Chameleon bootloader 1093) Thanx!
  5. wh000penator

    Asus P8P67 Pro install guide

    Yiha! thanx a bunch! Cheerz!
  6. wh000penator

    DSDT for Asus P8P67

    Thanx alot for your hard work! iam very confused, because i am not able 2 extract the SSDT_CPUPm for my i5-2300 CPU no chance in windows, in linux and also not on my hackintosh i get only the other 3 ssdt files; SSDT_AMI_CST.aml SSDT_AMI_IST.aml SSDT_AMICPU_PROC.aml please can u help me? thanx again nice greetings from vienna! Asus P8P67 (B3) - BIOS 1608 / Intel i5-2300 / 8GB Corsair / Asus GTS240 512 / SL 10.6.8 / Lion DP4 send_me.zip
  7. thanx a bunch! very usefully!
  8. yippi i luv that forum! thanx a bunch! biosupdate, and DSDT v3.2.1 (stripped optimized code with SpeedStep) ONLY FOR: P6T Deluxe v1, P6T Deluxe Palm, P6T Deluxe v2 & P6TD Deluxe April, 29 2010 have done this job! BigUP!
  9. ThX a Bunch! Very handy and useful! BiGUP!