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  1. First off, I'm posting this from a 10.8.2 Hackintosh Desktop, so I've done this successfully before. I'm a bit sad (but understanding) that the support for slow, old, one-off hardware (like my Inspiron 1440) isn't quite there yet. I'm up and running on a Dell Inspiron 1440 Notebook, but with no wireless and resolution locked at 1024x768. I've tried literally everything. I'd be really grateful if someone could help, or definitively tell me this is not possible. Wireless: Ven ID: 14e4 Dev ID: 4315 Device: BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY I've tried the standard broadcom wireless driver approach. I've tried the Broadcom43XXFamilyrev2.kext approach. As well as other random kexts found all over the internet. Nothing works. No card visible in system information, only ethernet shows in Network Settings. I suspect this might have something to do with 64-bit ML vs 32-bit old kexts? I don't know. Graphics: Ven ID: 8086 Dev ID: 2a42/2a43 (both are displayed in device list) Device: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller I've tried every combination of the x3100 kexts and 4500m kexts out there, every combination of GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes, edited the DSDT for x3100 patch, and still nothing. Thanks for your time.