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  1. txbummerbee

    Blank GUI for VST Software in Logic Pro X

    The issue is now solved. Double checked and applied all the graphics patches to my DSDT per the laptop guide even though Graphics seemed to be working just fine as it couldn't hurt. Then I deauthorized my computer license and reinstalled the vst.
  2. txbummerbee

    Blank GUI for VST Software in Logic Pro X

    Ok, didn't find any resolution to this to use my plugin but apparently some VST developers read the internal serial number of your hardware when authorizing whereas most of my other licenses read the spoofed Apple one.
  3. Mojave 10.14.3 X510UAR Intel Core i5-8250U UHD 620 Hello, all. Not sure where to post this but I recently configured a dual boot hackintosh over the weekend. I used Hackintool to get audio and display working. However, after successfully downloading Logic Pro X from the app store and downloading line 6 Helix Native VST, Native "verifies" my serial number, says my license is valid but the VST GUI is "blacked" out. Using the line 6 manager app and checking the support panel on their site , it shows my hackintosh is authorized device. Logic Pro works fine. Is this a graphics issue?