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  1. try searching this on google "osx86.sojugarden" i managed to install SL on my XPS1640 using his method. but still need the right kext for graphics, sound, network, mouse & keyboard. if anyone knows where and what kext to use please share. cheers!
  2. Dell Studio XPS 1640

    managed to install 10.5.1 and still looking for kexts
  3. hi, how did you manage to install it? what bootloader did you use?
  4. has anyone tried SL on Dell XPS 1640? and got it working? please point me to the right direction.
  5. i restored it back to 10.6.2 because preview is not working and VLC is not working either. im trying SL on XPS 1640 now but have no luck Kalyway 10.5.2 seems to be the only one i can boot and install (i want SL tho)
  6. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    has anyone tried this loader on a Dell XPS 1640 yet?
  7. Dell Studio XPS 1640

    we are on the same boat here... just need to know what can i use to boot and install SL
  8. I'm researching on Dell XPS 1640
  9. Dell D420 Bible

    got SL working on my D420, but it would be nice if dual monitor is working... any clues?
  10. Graphics Problem? Preview Blank

    anyone found a solution to this yet?
  11. I upgraded my D420 to 10.6.3 but i noticed it's a little bit slower than 6.2? yep it's on the first page.
  12. i am now posting this from a newly installed SL on Dell D420! thanks to this thread!!! i think i might buy a bigger HD tho a big thanks to leppy (ur the man!) and to all who contributed to make this install so much easier!
  13. hey which guide did you follow to make SL work on your D420? i have the $29 disk will it work? edit: nevermind, i found the answers halfway reading the thread... installing SL at the moment.
  14. has anyone tried this guide on a D420? i can install kalyway's 10.5.2 no dramas, but i want to install SL. tried the guide on the first page but no luck