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  1. Just curious. When you find your speeds are affected, does it occur after your computer has only been through a "sleep" cycle? I use a native Apple Card, BCM943602CS, and find that after my computer goes to sleep and wakes up, my internet goes to garbage (goes from 225mb/sec to 0.70mb/sec.). Why this occurs, I do not know, but I just set my computer to never sleep to prevent it.
  2. EDIT: After a few restarts it's all working now! Awesome! Everything seems to be up and running great with the exception of continuity? Handoff works but fine but air play, side car and if right click on the desktop and click import do not work. For both the latter, I will eventually get an error that that says the "device timed out". I saw that you had side car working from the front page and was just wondering if there was anything in particular you had to finagle, or a thread I could look through.
  3. Sorry, about my lack of knowledge. I am simply trying to trouble shoot why I am getting the error I am getting, and from my understanding the items you listed would not be responsible/are fixed POST install. Am I correct here, or did I miss a section that states those needed to be changed in order to get a bootable disk up and working? I would think keeping it as close to what Audio God provided would be the best way to trouble shoot this?
  4. I haven't been changing the SN, MLB, UUID, so perhaps that's the problem? How do I go about finding and inserting these values? When I did a versos boot I get the following error before the "lock" screen boot: "Warning: Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs" Doing a little digging, I'm wondering if the Graphics card is throwing the issue, as this Redditor got the same code which was being caused by his graphics card?
  5. F12d, Z390 AORUS PRO. I am not adding in anything else in there. The Catalina installer version I am using with you EFI folder is 15.1.00
  6. Update: After trying open core (it not working) but then trying the clover again, I no longer get the circle with line. However, it seems that there is some issue with the USB ports, as my mouse and keyboard are non-responsive (occurring using both different boot drives: 10.15.2 (your first refi) & 10.15.3 (your first efi with the two updated drivers). I have my computer dual booted, and windows works fine so I couldn't think its a bios update issue. When booting into "install Catalina" I am able to get to the screen where it asks what language I wan't to use, but cannot select anything. When booting into my old install, I get to the login screen but cannot use mouse or keyboard. I can tell it is not frozen here though as the cursor for my password will blink. The login page will also go to sleep at which point plugging in any usb does not register anything, but I can wake it via my power/restart/sleep button on my desktop case. Any suggestions? (edit: Mouse and keyboard use Logitech usb dongle and are recognized as true keyboard/mouse, alternatively tried using older hardwired mouse and have tested all the USB ports. )
  7. Same outcome The only thing I can think of is if I'm missing something in the bios at this point? Is there a certain USB port I should be using for the install? I am using a NVME Intel 660p, but that hasn't given me any issues in the past.
  8. Very odd, just did as you said and same deal? This was tried using my older 10.15.12 boot drive as well. I attached the picture as I believe my PCI card is in a different slot (closest to the bottom) as well as my wifi car adaptor and didn't know if that would potentially affect anything? I'm kinda at a loss, should I try the open core version maybe?
  9. This is Wonderfull! So I just tried to install the newest Catalina version (10.15.3) but after I select my "install Catalina" external drive and the apple boot screen comes up, I get the big circle with a line through it. My first question would be, are your current bios settings the same as what you have listed in post #1? I saw that post 1 referred to using bios 11, so wasn't sure if possibly some things had changed?
  10. So forgive me if this is a stupid question.. I have the same set up except I am using an MSI Radeon RX570, and I am unsure if perhaps my card (graphics & wifi) are in the same slots. Can I use the EFI folders provided at the front page and simply edit the graphics config.plist to work with the RX570? I saw that is was verified that the RX570 works, is there anyone out there using it that would wan't to share there EFI folder with me? Thanks in advance!