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  1. I Just downloaded a MacOS Sierra DMG installation file and Searched on making it boo-table along with the Bootloader (clover) in one USB and i used the tool (Bootdisk utility) it automatically installs Latest version of Clover and i got HFS file out of the DMG file and used it to (restore partition) and i got every kext i need in kext folder everything went smooth until i rebooted and wanted to start installing but In clover menu when i boot from the USB, it can't seem to find any partition that gets me into the installer, Only my Windows partition. I'm completely lost now. I think the problem is with the DMG file? I'm not sure if its allowed to Provide links (forgive me if it is) but here's the place where i got the DMG file. https://www.torrentmac.net/macos-sierra-10-12-1-16b2657-installer/ (Yes i want sierra ) Also here's some imgs of my Partitioning and stuff Sorry if the quality is a bit messed up, Just used windows snipping tool.
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    is my lan device supported?

    I don't know whether my LAN device will work on MAC and Which version of mac but i still want to run MAC on my PC, Also i checked my CPU-GPU and it turned out that i can Run MAX High sierra but i realized that some people have trouble with Sound and Internet connection so Here's the NAME of my LAN device: PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_012310EC&REV_05\4&45F2A70&0&00E1 as (LAN DEVICE took the name from device manager in windows). also from compatibleIds i got this: PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&REV_05 Is it Supported on any version of macOS ?