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    My Specs and Version help

    Hi, I've downloaded the Olarila Sierra, but unsure how to do it on my PC. I've setup a Virtualbox with El Captain. Is there any way to do it like this? Thanks
  2. oCourage

    My Specs and Version help

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to do my first Hackintosh. I'm wanting to have it bootable off of a second drive, and run smoothly. My specs are: i5 8600K (Overclocked to 4.5GHz) MSI GTX 1070ti 16GB RAM 650W PSU MSI Z370 Gaming Plus Mobo I thinks that's everything I need to include. Like I said it's my first one, so I'm very new to it. What OS of Mac should I use for it to run smoothly. I'll go anything from OS Mavericks up. Many thanks!