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  1. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Where is the download link? I can't find it. I am currently using the dsdt.aml from your first post extra folder. But I can still hear the nvidia video card fan is spining and the noise is huge. Everything else is working except this. Could you upload one? I have tried the maropr 's dsdt, I get panic error. Think it's not going to work.
  2. My laptop is Dell N5110, the specs are: i3-2310M HD3000/Nvidia GT 525M 1G Could anyone disable Nvidia for me? Because my cpu temp gets to 70+ degress and the fan noise is huge. I don't know my c-states working or not, but p-states do working. I will upload ssdt.dsl that extracted with aida64 and dsdt.aml. ssdt_dsdt.zip
  3. then what? The air is hot and the fan is always working. How to lower the speed of the fan and cooler the air?
  4. I extracted dsdt using DSDT editor. Which part should I fix in dsdt.aml file? Can you give me a clue?
  5. My laptop is Dell N5110-i3, I have installed 10.7.2. Video, audio, networking are all working. But whenever I boot it up, the fan is working at maximum level, getting so noisy and the temp gets so hot. What's wrong?
  6. MSRDumper

    I always get this: MSRDumper CoreMulti(8) kernel[0]: MSRDumper PStatesReached: 8 bdmsg: Customizing SystemID with : 44454c4c-3600-1038-8048-b7c04f535031 Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,7)/Extra/dsdt.aml] 40791 bytes. ACPI table not found: SSDT.aml FADT: Restart Fix applied! FADT: Using custom DSDT! Found ACPI CPU: CPU0 Found ACPI CPU: CPU1 Found ACPI CPU: CPU2 Found ACPI CPU: CPU3 Found ACPI CPU: CPU4 Found ACPI CPU: CPU5 Found ACPI CPU: CPU6 Found ACPI CPU: CPU7 SSDT with CPU C-States generated successfully P-States: min 0x8, max 0x0 RSDT: Added 1 SSDT table(s) FADT: Restart Fix applied! FADT: Using custom DSDT! P-States: min 0x8, max 0x0 Added 1 SSDT table(s) into XSDT Does it mean the speedster is working? But my cpu fan is always working, and the air is hot.
  7. Hi, I got a working dsdt now, the display, audio, network are working but the speedstep seems not working. Could somebody fix it for me? I got i3-2310M, intel hd3000, GT 525M. dsdt.zip
  8. Finally I got my mac os x 10.6 up and running on my dell n5110 laptop. Everything seems to working fine. The intel hd3000 video graphics card is working, sound is working,recently bought a usb wifi card, and the internet is working. but every time i open a application, the cpu usage just going craze, straight up to 130%. even mouse over the dock, hover some icons, the cpu usage goes up to 60%. the whole process of running application feels lag. what's wrong? by the way, i am using i3 cpu, 6G RAM.I used a lot xcode 4 for programming, and it's not smooth at all running xcode 4. when i am using interface builder, it feels really lag and slowly.
  9. how to extend mac partition

    Thanks for your reply. I am going to get it a try. Do you have any tutorial about this kind of situation?
  10. I have installed both mac osx and windows 7 on the same hard drive. I only allocated 30GB for mac osx and now I have a fully functionaly mac osx system running. Now I need to extend this mac partition. How to do that?
  11. GIGABYTE GeForce GTS 250 GV-N250-512I 675/2000 512M/256位 DDR3 PCI-E or Zotac GTS250-512D3 F1-VB 675/2000 512M/256 DDR3 PCI-E GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2 Rev1.3(Intel H55/LGA 1156) G.Skill DDR3 1600 4GB (F3 12800CL9D 4GBRL) Intel 32nm Core i3 i3-530(LGA1156/2.93GHz/4M) Seagate 500G ST3500418AS 7200rpm16M SATAII Will that work If I install mac os x?
  12. Introduce yourself.

    I am yong, from China. I really need a mac pc now. So, I thought I should build one by myself. There I am.