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  1. You'll find similar images inside your Mac's Desktop folder with names like "Abstract...". Or Google on "abstract desktop images Mac" and you'll find others.
  2. I have great respect and appreciation of your extraordinary work on OpenCore as well as the myriad of kext files that, but for you, we'd not be enjoying such successfully working Hackintoshes. For your work, I do say 'Thanks so much!". And while I cannot speak for the person who created this fork, I do appreciate the 'art' and interaction that comes with computer use. If computer usage were only about getting work done as efficiently (stream-lined) as possible, we'd still be using DOS and things would never have evolved into something like an Apple OS. I do not see issues of money or ego here. I do sense some territoriality with respect to OpenCore; and I appreciate that hard work easily leads to a feeling of protectionism. I view this fork as simply some 'eye candy' and a little more "ease of use" (after all, you all did just add "PickerAttributes" that begins to approach a more attractive interface). Ease of use issues can help various users (not all of us are under 65 years old and may have eye sight problems or mechanical challenges like arthritis where fine motor skills are no longer possible). These are issues that those younger users might not consider. I would recommend not dismissing out-of-hand interfaces that can make OpenCore a richer experience for others. Or maybe, you could even consider incorporating some of NDK efforts directly into OpenCore.
  3. Maybe an easier next step in integration with the new changes in v056: add one or more color variables to Misc/Boot, along side PickerAttributes, or only use PickerAttributes, to use inside OcSimpleBootMenu.c, in order to allow menu adjustments to be made from within the config.plist?
  4. iGPU

    OpenCore on ASRock AMD X570 ITX/TB3

    I'm using an ASRock X570 Creator mobo. Your DSDT looks very similar to mine. On Intel mobos, it seems that one USB device often host 16 to 20 USB ports. Such a USB device requires limiting so that any given device has at most 15 active ports. However, on the AMD mobo (at least the ASRock X570) there are several USB devices, none of which have more than 10 or so USB ports. You do not need to limit the mobo to 15 ports, just a given device. That is, the whole mobo can have more than 15 active ports, just not more than 15 per device. Example, if there is an XHC3 with 10 ports and an XHC5 with 10 ports, then both are okay as is. If there is an XHC3 with 20 ports and an XHC5 with 10 ports only the XHC3 needs to be limited to 15 ports. What I found was that there were no more than 15 USB per device on the ASRock X570 Creator and that no USB limiting kexts were needed. My build is very stable running either Mojave 10.14.6 or Catalina 10.15.3 using OpenCore (TB isn't working but otherwise all is fine). There is a description of this build on the AMD-OSX forum: https://forum.amd-osx.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=9645&sid=6a440aa4bbe16d112c011b258c4d8a7d
  5. How about add below code to the selection list inside OcSimpleBootMenu? You'd need to add one more icon named "os_installer.icns" to the icon folder. (Would this be best under "case OcBootApple:", or under "case OcBootCustom:" ?) (For my own use, I've added extra code in this same section to better distinguish OS on NVMe vs SATA drives as the SATA drives contain my backup copies; one just has to be careful in how one names the actual drives, like "CaBkUp" or "MoBkUp" in accordance with how the search is implemented.) } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Installer") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_installer.icns";
  6. I downloaded latest commit and compiled. When running debug version, boot halted with ASSERT error. I've not seen this error before (in fact, I've never had any errors before). Included are some earlier resolution comments as FYI. For this compile, I'd not edited any files and only used your stock icons. I see you added OcClearScreenArea to function PrintOcVersion in OcSimpleBootMenu.c with this latest commit. PrintOcVersion calls AsciiStrCopyToUnicode (from OcAsciiLib.c) and maybe this led to the ASSERT error since OcClearScreenArea is an 'else' statement and String might = NULL. (But I probably don't know what I'm talking about.)
  7. Thanks NDK, I'm enjoying your work. I added color icons, adjusted to 256 size and set mIconSpaceSize to 272 (as commented in OcSimpleBootMenu.c). These icons duplicate the same names you have in the B&W icon folder, and they seem to be working well except for one problem. A thick bar appears about the right and bottom sides of the first selected icon. If I move the selection 2 places to the right, I see what's shown in the attached image. If I next press the space bar, the newly selected icon gets the thick right/bottom bars while the initial selection has the thick bar removed (cleared). When I use your original sized icons at 128 (mIconSpaceSize = 136), I don't see the thick bars. Is this a re-size bug?
  8. Thanks n.d.k., I really like your fork. I see that Kext Updater is listing it now as an option. Nice!
  9. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    On Catalina (any beta or release to date), the processor type does not show up in the About Mac window on my X299 build when processor type is set to 0 in OpenCore (as instructed in an early post here): PlatformInfo/SMBIOS/ProcessorType = 0. This method works in Mojave, but not Catalina, as shown below. This is true for v050 to latest v052. If system is checked with Hackintool in Catalina, or using the command "sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string" in Terminal, the correct CPU is reported: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9980XE CPU @ 3.00GHz". So it seems that the data is still available in Catalina, as in Mojave, using same tools, but the problem is that OC can't auto retrieve it in Catalina when using ProcessorType = 0. Maybe this problem is unique to X299 with OC (it's the only build I have with Catalina)?
  10. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    Sorry, it didn't help. I did just notice that you're must be on "Catalina 10.15.1" (your sig says "Mojave 10.15.1", but Mojave = 10.14.x), so I only saw the Mojave. So, while it may not affect your boot, Catalina 10.15.1 beta (2) seem to need boot/arg agdpmod=pikera (which I'd told you to remove), and no need for WEG with a navi GPU, like 5700XT. I don't know about Vega 64 (also in your sig) since not navi. (I'm not running beta OS and don't have a navi GPU, just a Vega 56, so I'm out of that loop.)
  11. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    Most all of your ACPI patches are discouraged per OC docs. I'd turn them off to sort things out first. I've not needed any DSDT.aml files to boot. I'd turn this off for now too. You've got a lot of DeviceProperties. I'd probably try to boot without most of them and then add them back once things look okay. I'd reduce your boot arguments from: -v dart=0 alcid=16 slide=0 darkwake=10 debug=0x100 agdpmod=pikera nv_disable=1 To: -v darkwake=10 debug=0x100 (dart=0 not needed since you have DisableIoMapper = YES; slide=0 is discouraged.) You can leave UEFI/Input/PointerSupportMode blank as you're not using an ASUS mobo (I am using one but still leave it blank). Your other settings are similar to what I've used with both Mojave and Catalina.
  12. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    I had same issue of difficulty getting into BIOS (on both ASUS and GB mobos). I kept re-booting while tapping the "Delete" key (entry for ASUS mobos) and eventually I got in. (Removing NVME and SATA drives is okay at this stage.) I'd already prepared a USB flash drive on another computer and had it inserted into the correct USB port (check your manual; there is one port that is correct for flashing BIOS for each mobo). One other thing to consider that can make getting into BIOS difficult is bad memory. So check your DDR4 sticks. When the worse BIOS corruption happened to me, it was compounded by a bad DDR4 stick. My clue was a change in LED colors. All of the DDR4 sticks had LEDs and one displayed colors different than the rest; so I removed that stick along with its mate (keeping correct pairs), and then I easily got into BIOS, and was subsequently able to re-flash it.
  13. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    My set up is similar: I usually boot from an NVME drive, no NVRAM is used, but I do not have Fire Vault enabled. I use ScanPolicy of 3080963 as mentioned earlier. With this I can boot from NVME or SATA drives (I have no Windows active so cannot comment). And setting the System Preferences/Startup Disk works perfectly in either Mojave or Catalina. When you mentioned difficulty getting into BIOS, I've seen that with corrupted BIOS. Maybe re-flash BIOS. Another possibility is a corrupted config file; are you using XCode for editing? I once had a corrupted EFI drive that gave weird boots (your issue doesn't sound this bad). My only recourse at the time was to reformat and use a backup to restore.
  14. iGPU

    OpenCore Discussion

    Default boot drive is what you set in the MacOS: System Preferences/Startup Disk. The ScanPolicy is a sum of the various drives you want scanned. See the docs for the values. I like using 3080963.
  15. I had same issue with all App store downloads. Finally solved by logging into Music app. Then I could re-log into App store to properly download. (Some report needing to log out of Music app before logging back into App store.)