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  1. Macbook Pro vs Samsung X60

    In my opinion: I would go with the MAC, I have an intel imac 17in stock with a gig of ram, and i have dual booted with bootcamp, what I like about boot camp is native support for everything, however my bluetooth has been quirky, ive read all the posts in this thread and i even saw the one that someone installed osx on the x60, true the x60 is a nice computer and if i wanted or needed a pc primarily i would be more inclined to buy it, however, i saw many nice features or the computer not being utalized for instance the sound, wireles and the like. correct me if im wrong, but those are pretty important to the overall funtionality of the laptop, so if u are working in osx and need to get online you have to reboot? in oreder to switch os'es you have to boot yes, but i take comfort in knowing that no matter what OS im in, I can be 100% functional.
  2. Bottom Line: if we are goign to compair, do it apples for apples, your all basicially saying that software and hardware differences contribute to speed . . . DUH! the only real way to compair is to take 2 systems tih identical parts (save mobo cuz of the socket diffs) and chipsets, and then bench the {censored} outta each, yes, intel does accel in some places, but so does amd, u gotta pick wich is more important to you, and boom there you go, intels answer to the AMD's 64 question is the pentium D, or intel core duo, essentially using teo 32 Bit cores to accound for one 64 bit core, there are adavantages to each, intel compaired their conroe to an OC-ed FX-60 showed nothing except intels boneheadedness, the conroe is an entirely diff gen chip, if they wanted a real compairison, they would have waited for the K8L to come out then ran the tests. They are probably shaking in thier boots. . .
  3. Games Anyone?

    FEAr plays awesome! the colors a re rich and smooth! I didnt rate the FPS, but it semes to run better on my mac then on my sig PC, here is a pic sorry about the quality i took it wiht my camera phone.
  4. slipstreaming problem

    Tahnks for the input, but after sitting down and swearing for aobut 10 minutes or so, I went and grabbed a beer, downed it, and the light bulb came on and I got it up and running, now it asks me to cactivate windows, and i dont really want to do that, but o well . . .
  5. slipstreaming problem

    So i was able to integrate SP2 into SP1 on my Windows computer, but I am having difficulties making it into a bootable disc, I have treid everything that I can think of, Any one have any insight?

    gotcha- I didn't think it was an emulator, because there i snothing to emulate, I just couldnt think of a better term, sorry had a brain lapse . I got boot camp installed and firmware updated, i wont be able to install till monday

    Please visit : http://www.parallels.com/ and if you dont beleive that website there is a video here: http://www.prodedgy.com/article/51 Now i dont know if i should dual boot or run the emulator, Im sure for games such as FEAR, CS and DoD source it would be a good idea to run natively, but damn that emulator is fast.
  8. It is interesting that this came out AFTER someone else created an EFI hack and dual booted windows on to the MAc and hacked drivers started to appear, They probably thought about charging for it, but now since someone can do it for free, they decided to make it easier!! way to go Jobs!
  9. Ill have to agree if you want to compair AMD to Intel, then make sure it is apples to apples of course your 3.6 ghz P4 is faster than an athalon XP 3200+ you nub! compair it to a 3000+ 64 bit venice core or similar. But i will say that my Intellimac is much snappier than my AMD system, but there are more contributing factors. such as: Number of cores, Bus speeds, Ram types, instruction set lengths, and fianlly the OS. just because my intellimac is faster at this point, does not necesarily mean that the intel is better. Ive been in the computer biz for some time, and what most people need to get through thier thick skulls is that, more things than jus the proc contribute to the speed of the system. did Apple make a good choice switching to intel? well, for now yes, the multi-core intels were a wise choice for the computers they put them into, i mean damn a laptop, the imac and the mac mini, all systems that require low power consumption and higher performance. And lets be realistic, Intel is a large company that has set the industry standard for year before AMD was concieved, although AMD has better performance and a 64 bit archetecture, most joe shmoe users have never heard of AMD (still) or have not heard much and therefore they are leery of it, JObs is trying to appeal to daily users or devs. which I think he has done quite nicely.
  10. Ill take a look man, But i know what I bought, and What I have owned for 2-3 years or so . . .
  11. Win XP version

    Tahnx a ton dude that is the perfect answer, when i decide to re-format my machine I will def Put win Xp on it
  12. Win XP version

    Ive been considering dual booting on my stock imac with 1 gig ram, but i noticed that online, that the directions required winxp SP2. The only XP disc that iI had is SP1, will it work or do I have to go get a new windows cd?
  13. OS x quitting un-expectedly

    I was unable to determine the cause, all i know is that my system was asleep and i went to wake it up by moving the mouse or keyboard, it did not wake up, which wasnt anything new beacuse of that stupid keyboard bug that seems to be a major issue with the imacs, so i manually restarted the computer, and Boom i was caught in a Kernel panic cycle. after i celared the NV Ram it seemed to help.
  14. what will happen with apple?

    As user of the older PPC and the new intel MAc, along with a strong AMD 64 system, I figured I'd give my imput: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=9877&hl= Read this review on my shiney new intel core duo imac. if you are going to use your system for a new learneer system and not get too into your mac, id almost suggest a MAC mini or even a used PPC system. But i assure you that your new mac will quickly become your primary system for a number of things (except gaming) in which case id proly reccomend an intel based system, rosetta will only affect you if you use photoshop or similar programs, if you do not use such programs, you dont need to worry about it. Also, consider this, if you buy an intel based MAc now, over the next few months it will seemingly get faster (as if it isnt fast engouh, believe me) as the software bugs and compatability issues get sorted out. It is a lot of money to drop on a new computer especially if you are considering one for the first time, I urge you to take the plung, I did three years ago now and I havent looked back since.
  15. OS x quitting un-expectedly

    ok, so i figured it out, it was something called a "kernel panic" which is something that i have never seen before, but i guess that it is a common problem with unix based programs. all i had to do was clear the NV RAM> this is done by holding contol, option, p, and r keys together till you hear the startup sound twice, if that does not work boot to safe mode, hold the shift key down from the time you hear the startup sound till you the gear turning, if that does not work run the system diagnostic, this is done by putting your startup disk in the drive and holding the D key on startup. hope this helps others who have had the same issue.