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  1. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    I have been able to install and boot into Snow Leopard on an Hp mini 1000 using Netbootmaker and Netbootinstaller here is the link http://www.meklort.com/?p=114&cpage=1 I hope this helps.
  2. About this Mac again! P45 Neo3-FR

    I have the same Motherboard, every time i boot from the Mac osx 5.7 dvd it show no hard drive in the disk utility I can't seem to configure the Bios correctly to so the hard drive show so i can format them. I have a 160 hard drive for the os and three 1Tb hard drives for storage. Please help. PLEASE
  3. Can not install on Toshiba A215-S4817

    Ok I am having the same problem. So far i have figured out a way to see the hard drive by taking it out of the laptop and installing it on a usb external case. It is corrently installing Tiger 10.4.8 so i will give you an update in a little while.
  4. DOOMUNGUS Problem with networking

    I have the same problem with my dell dimension e510 when i install kalyway leopard my firewire pci cards work fine until i install the patches intelpro_100_ve_driver_copy.zip ( 812.39K ) Number of downloads: 158 IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip ( 865.82K ) Number of downloads: 138 AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16.zip ( 931.27K ) Number of downloads: 135 codec_Sigma9220.txt ( 4.03K ) Number of downloads: 237 I now see Firewire Not Connected and Ethernet Not Connected. Please Someone Help.