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  1. I see. I didn't know that there is some sort of competition in the custoMac community ^^' Anyway, I found my solution to get on the next step, which i'm pleased to share : I tried to copy the FakeSMC kext from my Sierra install to the EFI partition on the USBstick. To do that, I used the clover terminal : Enter the terminal when on Clover screen Normally you get a list of your drives, but if not, type "map" The different partitions are named like " FS* " (with * = number of the partition) To select a partition, type " FS*: " (I had to navigate all around to find which is which) To display files and folders in the current position, type " ls " To navigate in the directories, type " cd name_of_directory ", and to go back one step, type " cd .. " When you've found your file to copy, type " cp file_localisation file_destination " Reboot, very long wait for loading, but the HighSierra install begin normally. Probably not the ideal way to do it, and to describe it, but at least it worked. Now I'm in the usual difficulties of post-installation. Webdrivers did not work on first try. I continue the tests. Thanks for the answer (english is not my native language, sorry)
  2. Hey, After many, MANY, tests, I can't get my GTX 1060 to work on 16G1815 with this last Web Driver update. (I have two of these 1060s on my disposal) When booting with nv-disable=0, the system will not.. "finish" to boot. In verbose mode, I'm having all the usual lines 'till the last, and nothing happening next. The frustrating part is, my GTX 970 work perfectly fine ! With absolutely the same settings (just have to unplug the 1060, plug the 970, and go) Even with two GTX 970, I can have 6 independent displays working (professional needs of that many screens...) Everyone of these 4 GPUs (1060s and 970s) are from MSI, Gaming X version. If someone has any idea of a little tip, something I could have missed, or good topic to post on... Thanks System : MB : MSI Z97 Gaming 5 CPU : i7 4790k Webdriver : f13, installed/re-installed many times, with or without the GPU plugged in, with or without the driver "EmuVariableUefi-64" Drivers : OsxAptioFix2 + EmuVariable Kexts : Lilu + Whatevergreen , both up to date SIP off (0x67) "NvidiaWeb" activated in CloverConfigurator Clover up to date I can not manage to install HighSierra either on this config, which is another problem I need to deal with, but can be the solution...