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  1. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3

    I used a kalyway install (very basic settings) and installed leo retail from there. IMHO way better than the boot132 esp if you have a small drive laying around. It can bail you out of many jams if you have a backup drive running leo in case u ever have problems.
  2. Hows this sound? (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P)

    I have this board and am running retail you can PM me with questions if need be.
  3. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3

    I have this board running retail perfectly. here are specs: Q6600 overclocked to 3.29 ghz stable 8 gb ram overclocked hd3870 antec 300 case 250 gb system drive 1 tb raid0 setup It was NOT fun getting this to work. Everyone has answers to problems but they really vary on a per system type of basis. I am going to write up a how to when I get time which may be never but in the meantime feel free to PM me with questions and I'll do my best to help. I have spent many countless hours and have mastered this stuff. The video, lan, and sound are all bigtime headaches. I can help just shoot me a PM
  4. Peach I followed your instructions exactly as stated and when I try to reboot the retail drive i get this: boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done with a flashing cursor I get nothing else... any ideas?
  5. Thanks for the quick response. I will get at it...I do have it running now however not with the retail install I will get to that when its done. Now my problem is in audio..... I cant get it to work for the life of me. I have used kexthelper and the HDAaudio patcher. Neither method worked for me. I get nothing at all. Now it wont even boot up can anyone offer any assistance?
  6. I have a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. I have leopard running and i have tried numerous install methods for this audio (889a)and I cant get it to work now it wont even boot. What am i missing? any help would be much appreciated thanks!
  7. Hey guys I have read this entire forum up and down. I need a little bit of assistance. I have the EP-45-UD3P board and am having mountains of trouble. First off the computer turns on then off then on again every single time i turn it on. I have left the bios totally stock it has a Q6600, 8 gb ram, 2 500 gb sata drives, and an HD3870. I cant even boot to the HD it just hangs. No installations work but kalyway. I am going to do the retail install but am still waiting for the damn thing to download. I am curious on the over clocking settings you guys are using and also why is my system just hanging constantly? and also why would it just go off and on everytime? My external drives stay running via USB even when the comp is off also. I have followed a ton of guidelines and I just had leopard running 100% on a dell inspiron 530 before I upgraded to a new case and mobo. Also my wireless is a usb dongle and worked fine and now it doesnt even get recognized. I feel like this thing is a complete mess. in response to my own thread..... I have resolved a lot of issues just by tweaking settings. It still turns on turns off then turns on again which is totally strange to me. I also am hoping that someone comes through with a good boot cd for me. I was reading that someone may be posting a new one soon. Does anyone have any idea which one is the best at this very moment. I have gotten a handful of them and just would like to use the very best one. Thanks!!!
  8. AMD unveils Radeon HD 3870 for Mac & PC

    I have an overclocked version of the 3870 and I am up and running 10.5.2. It hums along but I havent had any problems with it. Everything works real nicely with it. I just downloaded the mac graphics update and it solved a few little quirks that I was dealing with. All in all I think it works pretty damn good.
  9. Kalyway 10.5.2 : install dvd kernel panic

    Im in the same boat has anyone had any luck with the tohkernel method. I cant find much on it
  10. Blank drop-downs with 2600HD kext's

    I am having smae problem on an ati 3870 any help anyone?
  11. Sorry for posting a problem with the x200 i know there are 1000's of other posts. However this one is a little different. I have been searching forums for hours. This is my last resort. I installed without a hitch. The thing boots right up but comes to a scrambled screen it reminds me of having the wrong video driver installed on windows. The screen is moving and scrambled. I never can even make out what is going on in the screen. Has anyone had this problem and is there a fix? Any help would be appreciated!