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  1. Still no luck. When I go to the network pane in system preferences and click on the + in the left menu I get kicked back to the main page for sys prefs and a popup that says Preferences error: There was an error in network preferences. I put the kexts in s/l/e and l/e, as well as putting lilu and ath9kfixup in the other folder. I am trying with 9485 btw.
  2. So if I am following you correctly. I update my config.plist using cc with the modifications you made in the pics. Download and select the files from the AR9485 folder. Then I replace Lilu.kext and ATH9KFixup.kext in Clover\Kext\Other on my hackintosh and put IO80211Family.kext to replace the old one in S/L/E?
  3. How did you get it to work with that wifi card? What version of Mojave are you running? I am at a loss.