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  1. In my Hackintosh I see iMac 2019. Did you update Mojave to 10.14.5?
  2. But I don't have the "CORSAIR H100i V2 AIO CPU WATER COOLER" I'm just using the standard Intel cooler that came with my processor. I'll give it a shot anyways! UPDATE: Still not sleeping. Didn't tell you but to wake it up I can't use the power button because it doesn't do anything. Just by pressing any button of the keyboard and the screen turns on again
  3. @glasgood Just updated to the latest EFI you uploaded, still no sleep. When I press the sleep button in the Apple menu, the screen goes off but the fans and the leds of the motherboard stay on. Maybe It has to do with my BIOS version? I updated to F9 because the trouble I had with the XPG SSD.
  4. Just tested it and sleep is not working in my Hackintosh
  5. Haha I was going to tell you! @glasgood Your work is awesome!! Just updated and everything working Got a little worried with time but took around 10 minutes in total
  6. It's Mojave, the first thing the guy shows
  7. Have you seen this video?
  8. What was your final config?? I've tried only adding the ig-platform-id and Final Cut Pro started working, but in activity manager I don't see the iGPU anymore (in Intel Power Gadget) I can see that it is working, don't really know how. When exporting with FCPX I have both dGPU and CPU working. Should't it be only dGPU?
  9. I'm also getting an error when opening Final Cut Pro or iMovie. I found that if I turn of iGPU from BIOS both programs work fine but I loose hardware acceleration. Did anyone have this problem?
  10. Finally I've changed the DVI to VGA adapter to a DP to VGA one. Everything working ok! Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm looking for some help right now. I've installed the Sapphire Nitro RX590 SE on my Hackintosh and I can't make it work with my monitor. It's a little old one LED LG, with only a VGA port... First I had a HDMI to VGA adapter (passive) and it just rebooted my GPU (so my PC also), both in Windows and MacOS. Today I bought an active DVI to VGA adapter, tried in Windows and everything working just fine. But when I booted in MacOS (with @glasgood EFI folder for RX580) the OS booted, but in the minute clover finished and the Apple logo with the black background showed, everything was violet / pink color. Also the screen goes black and on in cycles, a little glitchy sometimes. If someone knows what it could be I'ld be very happy. Thank you all!
  12. Finally arrived! I've found a brand new Sapphire Nitro+ RX590 SE cheaper than the 580 and plugged it in: I've had an issue with my monitor...It's a quite old LED monitor with only VGA connector. Previously I was using a passive adapter to HDMI. When I connected this to the Sapphire GPU it just restarted my PC, both in hackintosh or windows. After that I attached my livingroom TV that has hdmi inputs and it worked normally. Do you know if there's an adapter that may work? Since it is an RX 590 should I use your same clover made for RX 580? Thank you very much!
  13. Thank you very much! I've followed your guide and everything is working like a charm! This is my first desktop Hackintosh and with your guide it was pretty straightforward My build: - Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro - Intel i5-8400 (leaving space for future upgrades) - 2x Crucial Ballistic Sport Lt 8GB - Kingston A400 SSD Sata3 (Hackintosh) - Adata XPG Gammix S10 M.2 PCIe SSD. (Windows 10) - Thermaltake Tt V200 and Thermaltake Smart RGB 600w PSU - TP-Link AC1900 Archer T9e Wi-Fi - Using iGPU because I'm still waiting for the GPU to arrive (Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB) One comment: The XPG Gammix S10 M.2 PCIe SSD DIDN'T WORK OK for MacOS. After installation (that took a while) my mouse was laggy every time I copied a file. Did a Benchmark with Blackmagic and found that the SSD was running as low as 40 MB/s for reading... Tested with another partition in Windows and was working correctly (like 1500MB/s), so I changed the Mac installation to the SATA drive and the Windows to the M.2. Second comment: I've tested FHD video editing with integrated graphics and was pretty surprised how well it did to manage everything. Big thanks from Argentina!
  14. Hello, I have the same laptop that you, the Asus ROG GL553VD (with the i7-7700HQ processor). Can I ask you guys a couple of questions? I installed Mojave some days ago: - What is your idle processor freq? - How did you make Fn keys to work? (I specially want to turn off/control keyboard backlight) - How can I know if Nvidia GPU is off? I know I can't use it with Hackintosh but maybe it's using some power, I don't know really. - Does your SD card work? - Also, anytime I connect a 3.0 device I have to plug it in the 2.0 port otherwise I can't access. I'm a little newbie but learning lots, sorry if Im asking a lot haha, hope you can help me! Thanks!!