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  1. DSDT Auto patcher - Gone?

    Just got this compilation error message and it said to post to the forum: [Line 263 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)] [Line 269 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)] Can anyone help? I've added my sendme file if it's easier. Thanks! DRD2 Whoops, nevermind. I got it fixed. I had an existing DSDT file in the Extra folder. All is good...and sleep is working! My Rig.... ____________________________________ Gigabyte G41M-ES2L rev 1.4 bios f9 Intel Core2Quad Q9400 2.67GHz 8GB DDR2 800mhz SDRAM Graphics Card: GeForce 9500GT 160GB - OSX Install - Snow Leopard 10.6.8 2TB - OSX Raid HDD send_me.zip
  2. Msi 785GTM-E45

    Did you ever get a Distro working?
  3. Msi 785GTM-E45

    I just purchased the 785GTM-E45. I am running 10.6.4 from the Hazard distro. Sound is an issue, but I think its fixable. I'm running a GeForce 9500 GT, although the onboard video also works. Ethernet is fine, I'm running a 320gig sata as my main hdd, with two 180 satas in a OS X RAID configuration. Based on your specs above, you should be able to get it working. DRD2
  4. Broadcom 4315 - Snow Leopard

    Checking on the status of this thread. Any updates? Running an Acer 5610Z with SL 10.6.4 (updated via Apple update from 10.6.2 iATKOS S3 DVD). I have the Broadcom BCM4306. According to lspci, the PC-ID for this card is 14E4:4320. Does anyone have this card working with SL? If so, can you detail how you got it to work? Thanks, all. DRD2
  5. Broadcom 440x Ethernet under Snow Leopard

    I've got the same laptop. Did you get the wireless working? I replaced the Intel wireless card with a Broadcom BCM94306, but I can't get it to show up. Like you, everything was fine in Leopard but I can't get it to even recognize the card in SL. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Realtek USB WLAN Client Utility

    I second that question. Also, I'm having a problem with editing the settings on the client utility. When I plug in my WG111 dongle, the utility opens automatically. Unfortunately, I can't edit any settings. So if I need to configure a new wireless network key, I can do it. However, if I open "the crab" it opens a SECOND client utility and that one is editable. If I close the second one (I can close the first...it just stays on the desktop) the connection stays and I have connection. So anyone know how I can get rid of the first (uneditable) instance? Thanks! ddease2