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  1. I think my main problem of not being able to boot into leopard after installing successfully is my many partitions etc... But its not like i made those partitions..it came with my laptop and i don't know how to just make it into 2 plain partitions without corrupting my vista... My disk management is like this.. 1) A drive called eisa configuration... 2) ACER(C drive) where my vista is installed 3) DATA (D drive) where i plan to install leopard 4) And unallocated 3GB drive...(I don't know what is this...cant extend etc..) So what should i do?? I been trying so long and can't get it to work...pls help someone...Anyone with good pc knowledge pls help...
  2. CrazyC.. I'm so jealous...i've been trying to for weeks until i post more than 30 post already...Still can't.. I think i have a similar problem as you...the problem with dual booting.. I have the chain boot error msg and based on the neo smart forums that you gave its my partiton numbering.. I'll be happy if you can post here what you did to dual boot Vista and MacOSX
  3. Haih..i don't know what to do already.. I just reinstalled kalyway and my windows corrupted again.. Now i have to restore again... I've read all the forums i can...I do like they do it and yet i can't.. There's even ppl that has the same laptop and got it to work perfectly..
  4. Yes...they are acer recovery and vista volume... This information is from when i installed successfully leopard and reboot for the 1st time... During that time this 4 options were available..i chose MacOSX and it booted to leopard and i saw the video and everything..
  5. So what should i do now...What should i do in the VistaBootPRO?
  6. You see my acer has actually 4 partitions now...There is my C drive...Primary drive that my vista is installed into..There is also this hidden partition names eisa configuration in the disk management...I can't seem to wipe it out... Then there's my normal D drive named DATA...I shrink it and make another just for Leopard and i named it MacOSX.. hd 0,1 and hd 0,2 has ???? marks in the box and the description says a foreign OS... My C drive is actually a FAT32 format...DATA drive is NTFS and MacOSX is the apple format...specially for leopard.. Ok for the linux part u asked me to do...this is what is says.. Drive 0 Partition 0(????- 11gb) ------ this is my eisa cnfiguration drive Partition 1(BIGDOS Fat 16 - 69gb) ------ this is my C drive where vista is installed Partition 2(HPFS/NTFS - 33gb) ------ this is my D drive(DATA) for data,etc.. Partition 3(???? - 33gb) ------ this is my MacOSX drive.. And yeah...the sizes do match to the actual size...
  7. Wow... Such a long and complicated page...My PC blurness is not gonna help...I'll check it out soon...Going to sleep now..Its 4am here...been trying so long i'm tired..
  8. I just installed EasyBCD..with all the settings you told me and also did the HFS partition recovery.. But when i select Mac OSX it came out with a Chain Boot Error again.. What should i do now...
  9. ok..i'll try after i finish the vista setup.. I was so happy when it entered leopard and now another problem...oh well.. Thx for your help..
  10. No it doesn't...to get into leopard i have to run the installation DVD again and mark my leopard partiton as active... But when i do that..my vista gets corrupted... I just recovered vista again...now have to go through the setup..
  11. When i recover my Vista the 1st thing i did was download the EasyBCD again and do all the steps you told me... Then when i reboot and select leopard..the same chain boot error appear.. Then i boot the kalyway DVD again and put the command -s and make my leopard partition active and reboot... Then the 4 choices appear again...something like this hd 0,1 hd 0,2 hd 0,3 DATA hd 0,4 MACOSX when i select MACOSX it enters perfectly... Then i restart...and then choose hd 0,2 (that my vista partition) it just restarts back to the same place... Then i thought to choose the 1st one (hd 0,1) and it went into acer erecovery management... So i quit and restart.. Now it goes to the dual boot system from EasyBCD..and the top one just disappears... When i select vista it just restarts...
  12. hey haxi.. I've installed kalyway 10.5.2 and now actually after it reboot i enter into leopard!! But the problem is after that...when i restart..something about my vista corrupted so i insert my recovery dvd and repair.. After vista was normal i restart and try to boot leopard but now i can't... I installed easy BCD already also...when i select leopard during reboot they say chain boot error.. So then i boot from the leopard dvd again an mark my leopard partition as active..den when i reboot...got 4 choices for me.. My 1st eisa configuration partiton,my vista,my data and my leopard partition... When i select the leopard it will enter perfectly...Then i restart and i can't enter vista again...They ask me to put my recovery disk again??
  13. rernkent

    Really really need help...

    i remember trying to do that also...but when i type fdisk -e/dev/rdiskX they say invalid error ---- / Something abt i can't use / ??? Anyway,when i reboot my laptop and run the iatkos dvd...(i have iatkos installed now) i get into a white screen with an apple logo...But it just gets stuck loading there...
  14. yeah..i do see something like that in EasyBCD...same like mine... Anyway...now when i run my iatkos dvd without erasing my OSX i'm at a white screen with an apple logo...But it just gets stuck there loading..
  15. rernkent

    Really really need help...

    I did that...only under the change settings option i'm suppose to to change the drive into the drive i installed leopard into right?Only thing is that drive is not listed there.... If i remain it at default...when i choose leopard during startup they will appear a chain boot error msg after some time..