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    macOS Mojave XPS 13 Guide + Support

    Hi Guys I know this post is a tad "old" but I must admit that I need some assistance. New to this site but I do have experience with desktop hacktintosh before, BUT I have never tried to set up a a laptop before. The past 2 days i've been trying to get to the installer without any luck on my Dell XPS 9350 i5-6200u with intel-520 and FHD screen. The BIOS settings of the laptop is: SATA set as ACHI Fastboot disabled SecureBoot Disabled UEFI boot enabled Also to be noted is that I'm currently using the CLOVER 2.4 r4871 version and the BIOS is updated to 1.9.0. The attached pictures and EFI folder should be an exact representation of the instructions for this setup, at post#1. Short after the "Couldn't alloc class "VoodooI2CHIDevice" the installer crashes with the classic "stop sign" thingy. Any ideers on how to proceed ? Thanks in advance guys ! EFI.zip