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  1. @desau: Got a T42p too but I have no Quartz or CI. Try to do it with the "applei386family.kext" (because the system wont recognice the card in cause of no agp bridge driver) but system crashes after restart at the apple logo. Any solution?! Running a 10.4.3 and have no idea how to update... Wireless works after updating the network kext files to 10.4.5. Thanks
  2. Atheros Network Drivers

    Got some problems with installing my IBM a/b/g/ Card on OSX: - copy new io80211family.kext over old one - copy new plugin kext files of ionetworkingfamily.kext in my plugin folder - repaired the access restriction and reboot After reboot two messages appear: - io80211family.kext not installed properly - Atheros54***.kext not installed properly Can anyone Help me please?! Or send me his io80211family and ionetworkingfamily files via email?! Mailto: killhack@gmx.de thank you very much, I hope it works... Greets
  3. New ATI Drivers

    I`m running OSX since 5 days now on a Thinkpad T42p. Only thing that not work at all is the ATI Fire GL in the Lap. - changed boot.kext to run run in 1600x1200 : Works perfectly - adding device ID to ATI9700.kext: Device ID already there, but still not recogniced - copy applei386pci.kext and add AGP PCI Bridge Device ID: OSX crashes 10 seconds after grey apple screen appears Got somebody a solution for this? Thanks P.S.: Sorry for my bad english