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    Assus p5k pro Mojave install

    Im getting error using the -Rf command? Unkwon syntax ive uploaded 2 pictures, one with -Rf command and one without, i dont get error if i dont use the -Rf command but as you see it says cant find file on USB, the name of the USB is USB when i formatted the USB, ive placed the telemetry plugin inside the USB in zip and also extracted. im obviously not getting the location correct using the shell to copy, please advice me how thanks.
  2. smurff

    Assus p5k pro Mojave install

    I counted my hens before they hatched .... its installed but not fully, im stuck on the last part where you input your language, my machine just restarts before that opens, i havent figured out how to copy the telemetry plugin. I have 2 internall sata drive and the USB attached to the machine. i press f8 to choose where to boot from. i believe from looking at the location where the telemetry plugin should be placed is on the drive of new Mojave install if i boot into my OS yosemite i dont see the hard drive where Mojave is installed, i can open clover configurator and mount the EFI folder and thats all i can do. OR Do i open terminal after booting from my USB I can live with updating the telemetry.plugin every update
  3. smurff

    Assus p5k pro Mojave install

    Post Update .... installed thanks herve, i used a legacy option and all went well, now i will try and fix kexts
  4. smurff

    Assus p5k pro Mojave install

    Thank you InsanelyMacaholic thats why the installer wont start, i will give it another try in a mo and i will post my out come here.
  5. Hi insanelymac and all users, i have been trying to update my hackintosh from Yosemite 10.10.5 to Mojave with a fresh install but haven't managed. My question is: is it possible to install Mojave on a old system like mines. Specs: Assus p5k pro motherboard LGA socket 775 intel Extreme x9650 cpu GeeForce 8600 GT Graphics Sata harddrive I have Mojave install that i downloaded from the app store 6.03 size. The problem i have ............ when i try and boot from the usb it does not boot at all, just a black screen with a cursor flicking top left screen, i have used Clover to make a bottable usb Mojave also i have used Mojave Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs and still the same issue, i do have a bit of knowledge and not a complete newbie, im starting to think maybe Mojave is not possible to install on my machine due to old motherboard and i dont have much settings to play with regards to whats required in bios. any help or advice would be much appreciated as i need this update badly as my old software wont upgrade on Yosemite and i don't have funds to buy a new machine.