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  1. Perhaps I have to change the Port of my Firewire card? Or will it mess up everything?
  2. @Baio77 I've tried it and I'm stuck... You'll also find the UEFI folder I'm currently using and my current IOreg (it's the best mix & match clover folder I was able to make from yours). No video pb, sometimes I get freeze when using spotlight (not always perhaps indexing issue?), sound ok, I create a kext for my cpu (using ssdtprgen), I mess around with Hackintool for USB but it's not working for USB3 only USB2 seems to work. DSDT as been patched by Mald0n. Perhaps it can help you find why it won't boot on my config? I'm not sure of what I'm exactly doing but I'm having fun trying to understand ^^ Thanks again for your help and the time you spend helping me! UEFI.zip iMac.ioreg
  3. Hi MaLd0n can you help me improve my hackintosh config? Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming i5-9600K (intel graphics HD630 - I don't have dGPU yet) 2x8Gb G.Skill RipJaws V 3200 Samsung EVO 970 500Go All my USB are working (with the help of Hackintool) and I've create a kext for my CPU (with ssdtprgen beta for unsupported CFL CPU), sound is ok on headphone. My main problem is framebuffer patch with lilu+whatevergreen, if I add this to my config.plist HDMI audio work, HD630 show the right amount of mem but my Mac start video glitch (like crazy). If I remove it from the config.plist video only show 7M but OsX become stable (only small problem I see is when mouse overing safari tabs got a little grey box around the mouse cursor but anywhere else nothing image is stable...). Could you help me? Thanks for your help. Send me mac-mini-de-mrbrown.home - 7Mo Version.zip Send me mac-mini-de-mrbrown.home - Glitch version.zip
  4. ok, I've try your new config. If I understand correctly, you remove Framebuffer patch and change Mac mini to iMac. Is that correct? Did you see other things I can optimize? Everything seems to work for now, just this little lag on OS X login, perhaps it's a USB mouse and keyboard bug? Anyway, I can live with that ^^ Thank you so much for your help Something else... I use optimized defaut in BIOS, perhaps I have to change something there? Could it be the problem?
  5. Thanks for your answer, I've try the Archivio.zip files, but got no screen... (I'm connected with HDMI) I put back the Clover.zip and make a IOReg. Hope you can help me solve the problem. it's seems to freeze only on booting and for a minute, after everything seems stable... MRbrOwN’s Mac mini.ioreg
  6. Hello Baio77! First of all, I'd like to thank you for your info and your clover config, it really help me. I'm trying to get my first Hackintosh build working, I've got the same mobo, same SSD 16 Go GSkill DDR4 3200 RipJaws and a i5-9600K (I don't have any discrete GFX for the moment). I've install Mojave with your clover boot and everything seem to be working but I've notice some freeze when on osx... Do I have to change something in the post install. And I'd like to know your BIOS setting too, if it's not asking too much. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.