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  1. Oops! Sorry, my bad. I did not realize I had to be logged in.
  2. SSDTs.zip link is dead. Could you please re-upload it. Thanks ~
  3. I really did not want to reinstall things. Is it the only way to fix the issue? Can I not simply reinstall the HnadsOff?
  4. Any one could tell what the problem is? Panic.rtf
  5. I have very similar specs but having black-screen and flcikering issues. Any idea how to fix it?
  6. Hi there, I have installed Hackintosh on my computer but I am having black screen flickering issues. I am not sure what to do about it. Any help is welcome. Thanks ~
  7. Any idea what could be done to fix the situation?
  8. Hi there, I have managed to install hackintosh on my computer finally. But I ma having black screen flickering issues, and none of the DP outs work on, I am not sure what to do about about. My specs are: OS: 10.14.3 Mobo: Z370n WiFI CPU: i7 9700K GPU: AMD RX 580 OEM version Storage: Samsung 970EVO Any sort of help is appreciated.