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  1. DaHarry

    i9-9900K Z390 WIFI iMessage help needed

    Does Airdrop work ? If so it might be also an authentication problem, I had this often even with original MacBook Pro most of the time it was caused by 2 authentications. It tries to send auth-code as an example but can't find a second device to send to like an iPhone or iPad. Try to login in to your iCloud account and disable 2auth. Also did you thought about buying an extra broadcom m.2 wireless adapter card? They cost around 15-20$ and they should work out of the box no hassle.
  2. Ok, I realized first now that my graphics card fan is the noisy one. I swapped virtualSMC with fakeSMC, and run HWMonitor and my CPU Cores are all around 32° but my graphics card is claimed to be 127°. That is really strange and seems to be even dangerous. I thought Vega64 would be compatible out of the box?
  3. I have installed Hackintosh on to my System, but the CPU cooler is obviously louder then on Windows. I am using right now VirtualSMC.kext, but since FakeSMC provides temperature measurement tools, and VirtualSMC not, I asked my self if that might be a hint for my loud cooler? My question, has somebody tried maybe both and even compared them? And is FakeSMC maybe less noisy? Is it enough to just mount EFI partition, and delete the VirtualSMC.kext and put instead FakeSMC.kexts ? Without any fancy kext installation tool or terminal commands, just replace files and restart in enough? My System: Mainboard: Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Ultra CPU: Intel i9 9900k CPU Cooler: BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 GPU: Vega 64 Ram: 2x16GB Corsair 3200 SSD: 1TB Adata M.2 The Tutorial i have used - https://github.com/cmer/gigabyte-z390-aorus-master-hackintosh/blob/master/STEP_BY_STEP.md Really works like a charm besides, the more noisy cooler, which i bought because it is extra quietly. I asked first at tonymac's forum, but they deleted the post because I haven't used their tool, really disgustig.. I really hope to never use their tools, and I hope here the information freedom is more respected. #f. tonyhoremacs
  4. DaHarry

    Dual boot Mojave & windows 10

    Open "Clover Configurator app" under "Mount EFI" there you will see your EFI Partition press on "Mount Partition" Now go to "EFI/CLOVER/" and open "config.plist" There navigate to <key>GUI</key> and add the part with <key>HIDE</key><array>...</array> <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>Hide</key> <array> <string>Recovery</string> <string>Preboot</string> <string>Windows</string> <string>/EFI/BOOT/BOOT64.EFI</string> </array> <key>Scan</key> <true/> </dict> I can look later, into my config.plist i am not sure if one line is missing.