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  1. Angel Of Nemesis

    Help disable PCI_E2 slot

    I will try to explain. I have multiboot Windows/Linux/OS X - two versions: with classic and stable Mavericks and newish El Capitan . In the slot PCI E2 inserted GTX 950, in the slot PCI_E4 - GX 650, Win, Lin and Capitan work fine with both cards, but for Mevericks, I have to pull out 950 to boot with GTX 650, so I would like to turn slot with 950 off and drag the display to 650 card. So I decided that method to patch DSDT. MaLd0n, thanks I will try. Ok, PCI_E2 completely disabled in mac (if I boot with integrated graphics), but if I try boot with GTX 650 white screen appears while loading login screen Maybe disable PCI_E4 slot and rearrange video card from it to the PCI_E2 or somehow swith to nvidia while booted with integrated graphics? - Upd: Finally got it working! lilu+whatevergreen switch my video and picture login screen appears! Now Maver fully on 650. Thanks again.
  2. Angel Of Nemesis

    Help disable PCI_E2 slot

    Hi, please help me disable PCI_E2 (PCIE v3 slot) in DSDT motherboard picture: DSDT (by pressing F4 in Clover) origin.zip