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  1. Thats interesting, am I the first Asmedia user? Let me know if you want me to test anything on the actual system if you don't want to simulate anything. Thanks for looking into it
  2. I'm getting nothing, finally got around to trying this, but not on 10.8.2. Rather the 10.8.3 that just got released, I dumped Caps/Running to a file if that helps but it's not recognizing anything and NOTHING in Console.app. It shows up in system profiler but no devices when plugged in... It's ASmedia from what I know... Phil Dump.rtf
  3. So is this better than you patched method? (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285157-patched-appleusbxhci-from-os-1082/page__st__60) I'm only now in need of USB3 with my ASUS Maximus IV GENEZ/GEN3 board and trying to find the best way to do so. It uses Asmedia chipset for the two ports (and two by front panel connector). Back when I originally built the system the methods of getting it to work-along with sleep and other things-was a fiasco... So which of these methods is best zenith? I want to incorporate whatever solution into a writeup of the board! Thanks a million- Phil
  4. Never said Chimera wasn't a blatant rip of chameleon. Just generally has had less issues, as chameleon is not as "release-y" as chimera, so some of the trunk versions have issues, some don't. My machine is my main "production" machine so it needs to run no issue-and rampage, I too can get anything up in under two hours, I've been working on hacks since the leaked Tiger images a very, very, very long time ago (I've been a user here since august of '05 for example). As for the chimera comment it was a comment in general, many of the "new releases" of the tools we use on a hack also pose the possibility of issues (not for all, but for some). Same could apply to Chameleon, Clover, etc. What my point was AOS board has the potential to remove a lot of these things from being necessary, thus removing the potential for future issues, or issues that arrive from updates to the scene's releases. Let's forget I mentioned chimera then
  5. I think people are missing the key part to this motherboard, it will (theoretically) keep working. Other than audio there will be no issues with updates, it's the closet we've ever gotten to straight apple hardware. The real question will obviously be updates over time, but even if there aren't any the hardware is ahead of everyone elses. For people that use a Hackintosh to GET WORK DONE, and not just "chromebook" worthy duties, and tinkering, this is huge. It's the difference of some glitch getting you out of nowhere, which is entirely possible on most hacks. Remember it's not just apples updates but the communities itself. The latest chimera that fixed iMessages also now introduced some sleep issues on an otherwise 100% kosher machine. Were working on the fringe, this AOS board has the benefit of stabilizing a LOT of factors that can be problematic.
  6. I understand that much... but what about if you don't have another partition with another OS or another drive with another OS? I'm avoiding cracking open another computer here
  7. Trying to figure something out... Built many a hack, also had many a real Mac, but just realized my old HTPC kit (Zotac Atom 330, with PCIE, ITX-F-E something or other). So I got 10.8 installed, had to use the modified Kernel in the installer, but how the heck do I get it onto the installed system? Do I have to take the HD out and shove it into my desktop? Am I missing something? I also had a hell of a time to get into the installer, and forgot the boot arguments I used (stupid right? lol...) Thoughts? Again just Zotac ion Atom 330 w/4GB of ram and a 320 GB seagate drive. Read threw the thread and it seems mostly everyone did Mountain Lion on an already working system...
  8. Philz

    [Guide] Asus P8Z68 Deluxe

    Anything new with Mountain Lion? Granted I'm on Gene-z/Gen 3 but your info was always perfect anyways
  9. Philz

    Asus maximus IV Gene-Z Hackintosh

    Anything new with Mountain Lion?
  10. Philz


    Quick question, using the latest from git without issues (self building) but I can't get it to load an SSDT for the life of me. What is the standard practice for SSDT loading?
  11. Philz

    [Guide] Asus P8Z68 Deluxe

    Well I've read both threads extensively (this one and the other gene-z thread) but take a look at the actual SSDT's it seems to me the important PSS part is smack in middle of no mans land in between two parts to one argument. Been using a self hacked generic SSDT but doesn't seem right... Someone else also said the SSDT makes no sense but I'm looking more for expert advice at this point I do know how to edit it though it just isn't making any sense to me this one... SSDTs.zip 48.dsl.zip
  12. Philz

    [Guide] Asus P8Z68 Deluxe

    Any chance for the 3305 Bios to get patched for the Gene-z/Gen 3? It'd be super appreciated! Otherwise I'm trying to wrap my head around my SSDT as with this board I've never ever seen one as screwy as this. The P-State definitions are within another state, and tossed into another definition-it seriously makes no sense. All I want to do is define my P-States up to x48 (running at 4.8ghz). It'd be sweet if you could take a look a look at it but no need to I'm bound to figure it out in a couple of days... Though probably not really that good (got the SSDT out of Ubuntu AIDA64 is 6 SSDT's long rather than 3)
  13. Philz

    GA-Z68X - Wake from Sleep-USB issues

    Take a look at my guide: http://www.tonymacx8...p?f=168&t=49873 A lot of the issues (especially network related sleep issues) can be resolved with a simple change NIC's, I disabled my onboard and using a Marvell Yukon based Rosewill card. This has built in drivers, no needing to fidget with anything. A separate DSDT issue is being worked on but no timetable on the issue over at Tonymacx86. I do have 100% sleep no issues, just not auto-sleep (it's delayed by ~1.5 hours lol). The DSDT fix might fix that, but for now no issues. Apple Keyboard too, though that is tricky and can be dependent on many factors (also look on tonymacx86) Update: Fixed link, somehow got wrong...
  14. Philz

    Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Didn't do anything special just had it on the bootlist settings file. I couldn't change it in displays but it worked so I was kosher.
  15. Philz

    Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Well what about if you ONLY have the Intel HD. No other GPU at all?