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  1. Mac.OS.X.Tiger.10.4.9.X86-HOTiSO ?

    As cyclonefr have said, this is for Macs not for PCs.
  2. Hey guys, Is there any fixes for the Broadcom 57xx ethernet card (device id: 1600)? I've tried a number of fixes for Broadcom 57xx but they don't seem to work for device id 1600. Also, is there now a fix for Core 2 Duo running with both cores? Also, is there a working solution for sleep? Everything else works fine now after I swapped Intel 3945 with a Dell 1490 (for free, just ask Dell). I would love to solve the above mentioned issues too. :pirate2: Cheers
  3. SSE2 for SSE2 CPUs, SSE3 for SSE3 CPUs, SpeedStep for laptop CPUs.
  4. phear86 You are a life saver! That works beautifully!! Thank you!
  5. I can't seem to boot the installed OS too. I tried different customization options but upon the completion of the installation and reboot, the screen just stayed at blank with a white underscore flashing on the top left corner. It's a DELL D620 (C2D) laptop, I've even tried *only* installing the base system will the kernel (tried both SSE3 and Universal), no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. It is, and a bunch of us have just finished downloading it. Yes it is there.
  7. Because OSX86 still is only a hacked system. On some systems it does not run very well, for example there is no solution yet for Intel 3945ABG. I love OS X, I've even had a Macbook for a while but OS X86 is just not stable enough for me to install natively.
  8. Use IDE instead of SCSI in your vmware.
  9. Hi guys, A quick question, is there any way to enable 1440x900 in a vmware installation? By modifying com.apple.Boot.plist does NOT help, it just slightly increases the resolution from 1024x768 but still nowhere near 1440x900. Any thoughts will be appreciated, thanks!
  10. This is brilliant! Works like a charm!! Thanks heaps! FYI I've used 10.4.7 JaS to do the disk partitioning, then proceed to install the 10.4.8. :-)
  11. Hi, JaS 10.4.7 has been fine on VMWare on my laptop, which is a DELL D620 with Core 2 Duo. However, 10.4.8 simply won't boot at all. I've tried 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 TEST1, with and without the PPF. It installs fine, but upon the first reboot, it always stuck on a black blank screen with an underscore on the top left corner. I then tried to install 10.4.8 combo update (by JaS) on top of my current 10.4.7, installed the package, upon the reboot it stuck on a blue background screen with the Mac OS X logo and a process bar, however the process bar doesn't do anything. :-( So, is there any way to fix this? 10.4.7 is okay but it's a bit slow, so I would expect the new 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 kernel to run faster. Thanks in advance! P.S. 10.4.7 is running on VMWare with paevm="TRUE" in the vmx file, Windows NT profile with one core. For 10.4.8, I've tried both Win NT and FreeBSD, both one and two cores.
  12. I don't run it natively simply because the wireless card (Intel 3945ABG) does not work yet.
  13. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    Hi guys, I've managed to install it succesfully in VMWare (using "-legacy -v"), however, upon the first reboot (before the set up for accounts, etc), the screen just dies with a black blank screen and an underscore. I can't even press F8. FYI I have a Core 2 Duo CPU. In VMWare I use Windows NT and 'paevm = 'TRUE''. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks!
  14. DELL D620 Can install and boot fine, however during the installation I had to select none for networking otherwise the installation process will certainly get slowed down to death. No luck on getting wifi and some others to work though (didn't test it thoroughly enough). Back to Ubuntu for now.
  15. Mandriva 2007 supports XGL and AIGLX

    NVIDIA and AIGLX work fine together. I run AIGLX + Beryl on Ubuntu on my DELL D620 which has an NVIDIA NVS 110M graphics card.