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  1. pipoland

    Dual monitor not working Vega 64 Nitro+

    Thank you, I will try tomorrow because I am not behind this computer for today. I really appreciate all your help !
  2. pipoland

    Dual monitor not working Vega 64 Nitro+

    my ioreg just in case (created with my original EFI folder - don't know if this matters) pipoland_hackMac.ioreg.zip
  3. pipoland

    Dual monitor not working Vega 64 Nitro+

    Thank you for your help! I deleted all extra kexts from L/E (see screenshot). I ran KextUtility for permission repair and new cache. Then I replaced the EFI with yours, I added only my DSDT.aml. I don't have my own SSDT (I didn't need one in the past). I can't boot even to single monitor, too many errors and after it hangs for 60 sec. a reboot follows. (see photo). I am attaching my original EFI after 10.4.2 clean install - with this I can boot o.k. to single monitor and Vega works o.k. with single monitor. I am not able to upload more then 10MB, so here is an external link. https://ufile.io/e6oqb I did a test with Windows10 (God, I hate Windows :-) just to check Vega with 2 monitors, everything worked, so my hardware is o.k.
  4. pipoland

    Dual monitor not working Vega 64 Nitro+

    ahh sorry, I added my specs to the first post (i had them in my profile only :-)
  5. I am not lazy so I read several articles on the forum for this problem, but after 14 days I am desperate.I will donate or pay someone for his time if someone could help me.I can install Mojave 10.4.2 or HS 10.3.6 with one monitor setup but I am not able to connect a second one.My Vega has 2xDP and 2xHDMI. As my monitors are 2560x1600 I want to use DPorts, but only the first DP works.If I connect the second monitor, I am getting a black screen just before the login screen.On the same hardware I am able to run dual monitors with NVIDIA Titan Black on Sierra.But I want to switch to Vega because of no NVIDIA support for the future.What I've already tried:- clean install of MacOS Mojave/HS- I am using SMBIOS iMac 14,2, because newer iMacs SMBIOSes don't work for me- I've tried also SMBIOS MacPro 6,1 because some users reported success with dual monitors- I've tried WhatEverGreen and Vegagraphicsfixup.kext in /L/E- and I've tried several patches what I've found on the forums...I don't know if WhatEverGreen needs some keys or framebuffers etc., I don't have integrated Intel Graphics at all.One last thing: I have a DSDT.aml for my mainboard from one user. I did not make it alone because it is about my knowledge.I used it for 3 years (in 10.11 and 10.12) because I my USB ports doesn't work without it.I don't know if this has an influence on the Vega graphics too???Please, please, if someone can help me... thank you. ___________________________________________ ASUS P9X79WS, Intel i7 4930K 6 core Ivy Bridge-E, Sapphire RX Vega 64 Nitro+ 8GB HBM2 DSDT.aml.zip config.plist.zip