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  1. questions:How to realise video passthrough? Step 1: Goto Navigator --> Manage --> Hardware --> PCI Device , Selet Videocard Toggle passthrough and reboot ESXI Step 2: Edit Virtual Machines settings --> Add other device --> PCI device Step 3: Power on Virtual Machines to install MacOS , In the installer, you can see that your monitor is working Step 4: After the installation is complete, you will find that the system is stuck in the apple progress bar. Now you need to turn off the mac power and remove the graphics card from the settings. Step 5: Turn on the system again, after completing the wizard, turn on the automatic login in the settings (otherwise you will not see anything) and put the system settings window on the far right (do not close), open the window when you open the login again when you shut down. Step 6: Go back to set up pcie again,Power on Virtual Machines ,set second screen to main screen。 Step 7: now you can use video card do everything Note: you need to pass through a usb port to enter the virtual machine, otherwise you will not be able to move the mouse to the second screen. I tried setting svga.present = "TRUE" to FALSE in vmx to turn off the virtual display, which caused the graphics card to fail to output. Add in vmx: hw.model = "MacPro6,1" (set mac model) uuid.action = "keep" questions:How to set CPU model? My hardware: Dell R710 (Intel 5520), X5650*2 , 64GB RAM, GT730 pcie x8 , 250 GB SSD and 300 GB SAS