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  1. Thanks, the drive shoud be Guid or MBR when i erase it? Why keeps restarting in the middle of it
  2. Thats even better, will try that one, once mounted copy paste is left and than i can use the ssd for boot, hope no other problem arises, gona try xCode
  3. Is there any way to do it from the bootscreen? how do i copy them, can i do it in windows?
  4. Hello! I installed the Mojave System from Usb to SSD but now i cant boot into it, do i need to copy the EFI kext files from the usb to the new EFI? am i doing the install wrong , not sure why its not working, i allready have a boot on windows 10, is that affecting some how? Any advice on how to do it, PS: what is Voodoohda Thanks in advance.
  5. Update: Thanks, i managed to boot to usb, did the install via the Terminal/ComandLine and it finished, installed Clover on the ESP, Bootloader/Install boot0ss in MBR (read that on another forum), unchecked the Uefi boot, Installed fine, than copy paste the whole folder, IT WORKED. I think it was skiping boot from usb because i was pressing F9 all the time, If i press it once it boots from usb, I tried another usb with the latest Clover version it booded to the EFI bootloader but it show a stop icon instead of the apple logo, i guess its because it doesnt have the kext files, Another question is why the Macos system install is in French, dont mind it i can change it later, I stumbled on another problem which was that i had the MBR partition on SSD number 2, mean while the Windows System was in SSD number 1, I tried to "Erase" the SSD number 2 partition to Journaled OS but it wants a GUID one, i dont get that option when i am installing the MacOS(in french), Do i need to remove the partition and than try to make a single partition and than format it to Journaled and GUID, Can that be done from windows to format the rest of the partition of the SSD number 2 into a GUID one, Dont want to risk my data on the SSD number 1. My Mojave is the latest one i got from App Store 1 week ago, Thank you Again
  6. Hello! I tried installing via comand line, i think i am misunderstanding the procces a bit, i mounted the Efi, than installed it, not sure what i did, i will follow your advice,
  7. Hello, First thank you for the files, i had given up trying to make my Z400 W3565 to a Hackintosh, Is there a tutorial or a list of the things i must do , something you can suggest, i find so many things on tutorial and its quite hard to know which one will work, Edit: i Tried TransMac, failed usb making, Tried "The forbiden word " on Mojave Virtualbox, made bootable Usb with clover and app store Mojave and Legacy boot mode, Sata set to ASCHI(if i remember correctly) and Raid, i boot in to usb and it just skips to windows, removed all drives, left only usb,It says no bootable drive, Changed the boot order to usb first, skips it. Help, i want it for developing Laravel and Native script applications Thank in Advance,