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  1. This worked great with a BCM94352Z 04X6020 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079QGV7HG/
  2. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    Unfortunately using Whatevergreen along with NVGFU diesn't solve the issue with my external display.
  3. Hello, Is this kext working under Mojave? I tried injecting it through Clover and in L/E. Kextstat showed the kext was loaded but my SD card reader was not recognized anywhere. I have 0x522A10EC and saw it was already listed in the info.plist under the IOPCIMatch string along with others. I also tried removing all other values there except for 0x522A10EC but it still didn't work.
  4. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    I moved this reply about Sinetek-rtsx.kext to a different thread.
  5. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    @mnfesq Is there a way to get the SD card reading working in mac OS?
  6. Tobiko

    Mojave and intel Q9550

    It seems though RX 560 does not work OOB on older Core 2 systems running Mojave. I've tested the RX 560 on 2 different Core 2 Quad systems that were running Mojave 10.14.2 (at the time). I used com.apple.telemetry.plugin from 10.13.6, SMBIOS 14,2 and -no_compat_check. It would black screen and reboot right before the GUI loaded. Both systems worked fine with NVidia cards I simply removed the NVidia card, disabled NVidia Web and popped in the 560. I also tried fresh installs and other attempts. Using DOSDUDE1's patcher to 'completely' patch Mojave for a 10,1 SMBIOS. This allowed me to get to the desktop with the RX 560 but it would only show 7MB of RAM for the card under About This Mac and there was no hardware acceleration. In both scenarios I tried removing Whatevergreen / keeping Whatevergreen along with variations of the below settings. Device ID ATI - RX 560 - 0x67FF1002 Inject EDID - Vendor ID 0x1002 Load VBIOS Inject ATI RadeonDeInit With Sierra and High Sierra on these Core 2 Quad Systems the 560 worked OOB I dropped the 560 into a newer i-7 system and it worked OOB on Mojave 10.14.3. It does not seem to work on the 10.14.4 betas like you've said.
  7. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    The HDMI port on my UHD 620 laptop is 1.4 it can only do max of 4k 30hz or at least I can set it to 30 hz and it works. It's probably really doing 24hz. I am pissed because the specs for my laptop on the HP website says the USB C port is capable of DP 1.2 transport with an adaptor. It turns out their internal marketing documents say NO it is data transfer only. The HD 630 on my desktop is also limited by the HDMI 1.4 port but 4k 60hz works over display port 1.2 with an active HDMI adaptor but no HDR passthrough. I stole your signature as a template for mine. Hope that is okay.
  8. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    Ok. I will try it. I think though mine is a little different. My HDMI output works fine even HDMI audio. In Windows it shows the iGPU is controlling the HDMI port. The display is configurable through the Intel Graphics software. Also, this TV when connected to the iGPU on my i7-7700k desktop hackintosh it will not do 4k either. When the display is connected to the NVidia or AMD GPU it does 4k.
  9. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    It is the same one that needed the DSDT for shutdown. HP Envy 17u 2EW64UA aka 17-u275cl . i7-8550u UHD 620 Conexiant Audio It is almost the same as the one in your signature. Yes it has both iGPU and dGPU. The dGPU, mx150, is disabled via Device>Properties.
  10. Tobiko

    UHD 620 w/4k display no option for 4k

    Yes, I am currently using that and have tried all possible combinations of the following VRAM 2048, DVMT pre-aloc 32, enable HDMI 2.0 (4K).
  11. Hello, When I connect a 4k TV to the HDMI port on my laptop I can only select 1080p/60. I've used RESx and can force 1440p but still not 4k 24/30hz (HDMI port is only 1.4). In windows it will do 4k 24/30hz. I dumped the EDID information in Windows and it is correct in the mac OS display profile. It seems to be related to an iGPU setting or iGPU in general. On my desktop hack this display is recognized as 4k capable in mac OS with ATI and NVidia cards but when using the iGPU (HD630) it has the same problem as the laptop. Is there a setting I overlooked? Thanks Send me Craptop.zip
  12. Tobiko

    New EFI Partition Mounter tool

    This looks really cool. I haven't tried it yet. Does it have an option to save your password so it doesn't have to be typed in on every mount?