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  1. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    I swapped in a Dell Wifi Card so now that's working. The two problems were 1) The atheros card is a half length card and what I think is a heat sink protrudes into the area where a full length card goes. I isolated the back of the Dell Card and put it on top which seems to work ok. A half length card would be better 2) On my set up the Fn key is not sending a power on to the WiFi card. I solved this by taping Pin 20 to force power on. I can switch it on and off using the airport control in the menu bar. If you weren't using a 3G PCI card, you could potentially put the WiFi card in that slot - this does power on and off via the Fn keys for me. So like you I'm pretty happy with it now. Safari 4 seems made for a touch screen which makes me wonder what's coming from Apple
  2. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    My plan is to get as much working as possible and then to do a clean install - I'll probably use Leo for that. Anyway, the good news is I got sound partially working with the VoodooHDA kext - speakers and headphone jack both work and automatically switch when the headphones are plugged in. Mic doesn't see to be working although it is recognized and seems to register some input but not enough to hear back. I also got my 3G card working by modding a Huawei kect with the vendor and device id. All in all, it's getting to be pretty useable now.
  3. I don't think the Wind distro is a very good match for the Gigabyte You need to add PS/2 support to get the trackpad working If you go to your original thread you can see how we are getting on T1028M Thread
  4. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    Yes I'm still at it but haven't had much time this week. I am making some progress; ethernet, USB (new IOUSBFamily kext) and graphics (inc CI/QX) are now all working. Do you have working Fn keys ? - I think I have a problem with the WiFi and my 3G card not powering on.
  5. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    I finally managed to get a minimal install working by installing it as an external drive on my Wind and then swapping it with the internal drive. Using iAtkos 10.5.5 with Voodoo kernal and Chameleon Now I need to see if i can get everything working.
  6. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    Well you're further on than me. This is my fourth Hackint0sh project and I've never had so many problems. I can't get the DVD to load at all - it fails with the message about not getting control of the USB bus from BIOS - I've tried three different distros all of which load on my Wind I tried the HDD from my Wind - just constantly reboots The T1028 won't boot at all from a USB stick. The BIOS is crappy with virtually no parameters to change. So I'm stuck - any pointers ? (It's a really cool machine, BTW, even with XP!)
  7. I don't know for sure about the 1490 but I can say that with the 1390 I had, no hardware mod was needed. I isolated the standoff with a piece of duct tape and then secured the board with a screw at the far end into the standoff there. The board sits a bit higher than the original but there is still plenty of clearance to the case bottom when refitted. BTW One issue I have with the WLAN is it doesn't automatically rejoin the network after sleep. I have to manually select it from the airport dropdown on the toolbar. No big deal but I wondered why it happened.