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  1. Hi All, I have an iMac 2007 with a core 2 Duo. I have upgraded it from 1 gig of ram to 4 gigs. I have been able to update it to El Capitan, but I can't seem to update it to Sierra. Many are saying I can't because the hardware is not supported, but others are saying I can. I have tried a boot disk with Sierra and it just gives a circle with a cross through it. Are there any tutorials that you could suggest? I dont have much money and I live where I can't get great access to the internet consistently so youtube tutorials are not always easy to watch. Any ideas? Thanks again, Simon
  2. Hi Simon here, I realise this is a very old question, but I downloaded the patch so that I can upgrade a iMac 2007 to osx Lion, but it only wants to install onto a USB and then says, "the installer can't locate the data it needs to install the software." Is there a tutorial for this? Thanks alot guys, Cheers, Simon